What a Weekend

1 08 2010

My loves!  How are you?  I can’t believe I’m just getting to the computer now.  It’s been the busiest weekend.  My body is revolting and I feel as though I’m operating under the influence of exhaustion.  I feel as though I’m a shell of myself.  This girl needs some SERIOUS sleep tonight!!  I can barely even eat.  Every time I do, I barely eat a thing and wind up feeling stuffed.  I think my body is simply trying to tell me that it needs rest above all else.  I have no problem complying and plan to relax immediately after this post.

So, let’s get to it!

I went to Newport last night to celebrate my friend, Allie’s, birthday.  We had a Mexican potluck and simply caught up over a few drinks and music.  It was the perfect night to be outside and it was a lot of fun.

There was also a lot of great food.

Chipotle hummus and veggies

DSC03081 DSC03080

Salsa and chips

DSC03083 DSC03082

My plate


Of course, it ended up turning into a late night….


….and a dance party :wink:


I thought one late night in a row was bad, but two is just brutal.  It was well worth it though.  I don’t get to see my friends nearly enough these days because we’re always so busy!

I was a walking zombie all day, but there is no rest for the weary!  I had to head off to a bridal shower this afternoon for another friend, Kerri.  Kerri and I grew up dancing together and I was so happy I could be a part of her celebration :smile:

As always, there was beautiful food.

DSC03092 DSC03093

DSC03094 DSC03095

DSC03096 DSC03097

My plate


I didn’t eat the two wonton shells (in the back) because they were filled with brie, which I am not a huge fan of.  As you can see, this wasn’t a ton of food.  I still felt stuffed after eating it though! 

I snagged a cupcake and some strawberry vanilla truffle.  I only ate the truffle and left behind the cupcake.  I was just too full! In fact, I don’t even plan to eat dinner.  I just don’t think my body can handle it right now.


Then, we broke into teams and had to create a beautiful bride out of toilet paper and ribbon.  We won!  Isn’t she pretty?  Haha.


I thought I’d also share a few more photos from the day :smile:

DSC03104 DSC03091 DSC03098 DSC03100 DSC03101

Everything was so nice.  Her friends and family did a really great job.  Congrats again to Kerri and Brian!

Okay – the couch is calling my name.  I’ll be back tomorrow and, hopefully, will feel like myself again!!  Bye bye for now!



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6 responses

1 08 2010

Girl you are GORGEOUS!!!

1 08 2010

I hope you get some rest! The Mexican potluck looked like a lot of fun!!

2 08 2010

Your weekend would wipe me out. I’m the biggest old lady there is. Seriously, my own grandmother is more social than I am. More than one social event a weekend and I can’t hang. You’re a trooper.
Totally understand about the body rejecting thing. Mine’s like that when I’m on little sleep and too much al-al-al-alcohol. Blame it on the goose!
Looks like a fun weekend though! Congrats to your friends. I think she should wear that tp dress. Chelsea Clinton ain’t got nuttin’ on that!

2 08 2010

You are one busy bee! I get that weird hungry/stuffed feeling when I’m exhausted, too. The body wants to sleep so badly that it can’t take much else. On the flip side, looks like you had tons of fun! It was the perfect weather for a parties. Hope you had a night of sweet dreams!

2 08 2010
Jessica @ How Sweet

You are so pretty. No, actually you are striking! Just beautiful!

17 09 2010
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