Leave It for Leftovers

16 09 2010

I have a serious problem.

I spend WAY too much money at the grocery store :sad:

I don’t even want to tell you what I spend because it’s downright embarrassing.  I’ve read the amount that some other bloggers spend and my monthly bills easily double – if not triple – their costs! :oops:

I think here are a few factors that contribute to my large bill:

  1. I think geographic location is a big issue.  New England is expensive, people!  On top of that, I’m in the ‘burbs without easy access to farmers’ markets.  I always make an attempt to buy locally grown food at the store, but it’s still not as cheap as it would be at a farm stand.
  2. I also don’t receive a ton of free swag for my blog, which I know most of you can relate to.  I don’t need swag by any means, but I also understand that it contributes to the lesser amount that other bloggers spend at the store.
  3. Another problem I have is taking leftovers for lunch.  I love having a hearty, home cooked meal for lunch.  Mr. KD does too.  We would be better served taking a less expensive sandwich for lunch and choosing to save the leftovers for another dinner, since that is always the most expensive meal.  I want to attempt to meet in the middle here.  I love hot lunches, but I should compromise and save them for once or twice a week.
  4. And, lastly, there is the variety problem.  I grew up having something different for dinner every night.  I don’t simply cook something new for the blog.  I would do this with or without this space.  Not only did I grow up this way, but I get excited to eat something different every night.  Food is my life and having a delicious dinner is my FAVORITE part of the day.  But, I’m quickly realizing this is an expensive way to live!
  5. I try extremely hard to sneak in vegetarian meals to save money.  But, Mr. KD is a meat guy.  Some weeks it works and others it doesn’t.  It’s hard to please everyone.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the above points.  In addition, many of my readers are of a similar age and either do not have children or have little ones that aren’t quite eating their share of table food yet. 

So, I’m announcing a new series on the blog, simply entitled Leave It for Leftovers.  I’m going to be featuring recipes that make a significant amount (for a small family like ours!) and can be turned into leftovers later in the week or for quick, hot lunches.  My plan is to feature oldies but goodies, as well as new recipes.  Hopefully, this will help keep my grocery bill down as well as yours!


Jen & I are going out to dinner.  I’m thinking Ruby Tuesday for the salad bar.  Yum!

Question: How do you cut costs at the grocery store?



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9 responses

16 09 2010

I am SO glad you brought this up.. I’ve read the amounts these people spend as well – $30 or $40 a week for 2 people?! Try AT LEAST $100 a week. I know a large factor of this is location as well – food in Aus is EXPENSIVE! I’ve found the best way of keeping costs (somewhat) down is simply by planning. Without a meal plan for the week, I’d be lost!

16 09 2010

I spend about $40/week on groceries, but trust me, I WISH I could afford more. I buy the same things that I know will satisfy me, and whatever money I have left over goes towards my coffee habit. Question: How far will $30 go at Trader Joe’s? I’m shopping there tomorrow for the FIRST time…I hope I find some deals!

17 09 2010

I’ve actually NEVER been to a TJ’s. Crazy for a food blogger, right?!?

16 09 2010
Estela @ Weekly Bite

I’m the same way! I spend way too much money at the grocery store! I try not too, but it happens all the time!

16 09 2010

With a family of five, in CA, we spend about $125. I confess I am a coupon queen and shop 4 different stores to make it work. 3 of my eaters are picky so it can make it more difficult. My huband is gone over night at least twice a week so I have to make things that keep well in a cooler and can be microwaved(he has a tiny one that plugs into the lighter). I make it work. I write out a list with prices, check my coupons and sale ads and adjust.

17 09 2010

Oh my gosh….I need your discipline!! I should cut more coupons, honestly.

17 09 2010

Try Reeds Farm in Dighton, right up past the old dog track/auto auction. I go there all the time when I go to my parents house. I can get veggies for the week for about $7 or $8. I easily spend $40 a week on grocerries, which sucks because I don’t make huge dinners. I like fresh fruits and veggies. I try to go to MB once a month and stock up on can goods/pasta/sauce. Hope that helps!

17 09 2010
Liz @ Blog is the New Black

We’ve commiserated on this so many times together! I go for store brands when it comes to things that TRULY don’t taste differently, like certain breads, veggies, & boxed items. I try to check the local flyer before I go & plan meals around what’s on sale. Also, I try to use up whatever herbs, veggies, etc. are lingering in my house!

17 09 2010

I have a family of 5 and I am a die hard COSTCO shopper for the big stuff but I have to go to Roche Bros. for veggies and things you can’t get @ Costco. My policy is simple @ RB: Whatever veggies and fruit are on sale for the week are what we eat with our meals for the week. For example: I buy broccoli in bulk at Costco because we (as a family) could eat it by the metric TON, but we love other veggies such as aparagus. RB usually sells asparagus for $3.99/lb. We only buy it when it goes for $1.99/lb. As long as the meats are less than Costco, then I buy them at RB but they have to be on sale. Then, I search recipes that correspond with what I buy by entering the key ingredients into the following websites: http://www.epicurious.com or http://www.foodnetwork.com or just peruse my cookbooks… If you are a whole foods (a.k.a. whole wallet) shopper, try the organic frozen veggies as an option – they are cheaper. One last thing: Trader Joes ROCKS!!! You need to carve out 2+ hours to yourself and really go thru the whole store! That is an untapped GOLD MINE! But don’t buy their produce..unless you are going to eat it the same day!

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