One Lucky Girl

18 09 2010

I’m lucky because…

I have a house to decorate with the season.

DSC03830 DSC03826 DSC03827 DSC03829

(Too early for Halloween?  Too bad.)

I have a plentiful fridge for healthy eating.

Egg, spinach and Laughing Cow on deli thin (Breakfast # 2)


Apple & String Cheese (Snack around 3 pm)


I have an awesome boyfriend who bakes cookies (just because he feels like it!!) and brings me one hot out of the oven.


I have a salad and pizza date with said boyfriend tonight while watching Brooklyn’s Finest. 

Margherita pizza on a Boboli whole wheat crust, Mixed green salad with Bolthouse ranch

DSC03831 DSC03832

I guess you could say I had a good Saturday :wink:

Question: What makes you lucky on this Saturday?



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3 responses

18 09 2010

aww i miss that scarecrow!

19 09 2010
Liz @ Blog is the New Black

Cute decorations!!!

20 09 2010

You are lucky! I felt lucky this weekend, too. I did things that seemed so impossible only months ago. I was lucky to be surrounded by great friends, too.

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