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The Ketchup Diaries: Eat. Move. Enjoy.

Hi!   Welcome to The Ketchup Diaries and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  This is my first blogging experience and I’m a little nervous, but excited too!  I’m talking to “you” as though I actually expect to have a following.  In actuality, I bet only a handful of people will read this, including my boyfriend – Mr. Ketchup Diaries – who will only read because he’s obligated :lol:

The Ketchup Diaries was born out of pure passion for food – both the healthy and the unhealthy – and that delicate “balance” for a healthy lifestyle we are all trying to achieve.  My name is Lindsay and I’m a self-diagnosed, food-obsessed maniac .   My love of food is well-known to those that know me, but allow me to take you back a bit, so you can understand my desire to start journaling and sharing with others.

Ever since I was a kid, my family loved to eat and centered any occasion (good AND bad) around good food.  I come from a really large family and some of my earliest memories are of eating large dinners at my grandmother’s house every Saturday.  The motto was always the same: “You haven’t eaten enough!  Take more!  You can’t be full!  It’s time for dessert!” (Sound familiar?!?)

Luckily, I was a fairly active kid and never had a weight problem – which is ironic – because I always thought I was “fatter” than the other girls.  I didn’t understand how some people could be so “naturally skinny” and eat whatever they wanted.  This mentality carried with me through the years, but I never really let it bother me until after my college graduation when I realized I had let 20 lbs creep up on my once-small frame (Yikes!).  I realized I was disgusted with myself and had to take action.

A year after graduating, I had lost all of the weight by following the Weight Watchers Program.  It certainly was a great starting point for me, but I felt like a slave to counting my “points” every day, so I eventually stopped.  Ten lbs crept back.  I would start counting the points again and the weight would come off.   Once again, I would slack at counting and gain.  And thus the cycle began…

I started to realize that the maintenance aspect of the weight journey, as well as coming to terms with a new lifestyle change, is often much harder than the weight loss itself.  This brings me to the present.  I am currently 26 years old and have been trying to understand weight maintenance and healthy living for almost 5 years.  Through this journey, I have learned that the number on the scale is not the only thing to consider.  The quality of the food one eats, as well as its nutrition makeup, is SO important and essential to a healthy lifestyle.  At this point, feeling great in my jeans IS still important, but I’m trying to make my health the number one priority as I continue down this healthy path. 

Equally important to my physical health is my mental health and the way I feel about myself when I wake up each day.  I am finally learning to follow my own advice and accept myself as I am, as well as how far my body has come (I’m more physically fit than EVER before!!).  This includes realizing that my body type was not meant to be a size zero and even if I starved myself, I would NEVER look like one of those “naturally skinny” girls I used to dream of being – nor do I want to.  I want to look like ME (or Kim Kardashian, but that’s for a different blog).  I’ve learned that EVERYONE can be their OWN SKINNY, so long as you do a little planning.  You have to find your body’s balance and this is different for everyone, so listen to your own body!  It’s trying to talk to you RIGHT NOW.

You’re probably wondering what I’m actually looking to accomplish with this blog, huh?  I’m hoping to share recipes that I find for savory (yum) and sweet (double yum) treats, which can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.  I also hope to share my daily menus, through pictures and a quick babble about day-to-day things we can all relate to, including fitness tips and new workouts that I come across.  I’ve spent a great deal talking about food and while that IS the number one component, we all know how essential exercise is to our health and well-being.  I’m hoping this will not only work as a  food/fitness journal, but also as a therapeutic place to admit when I’ve eaten one-too-many cupcakes (or slices of pizza or Chinese food OR….).  I’m certainly not perfect and you’ll see days where I eat too much.  I’m young and have no kids and there are definitely still nights when friends get together and the beer is plentiful runs like the Amazon River.  I’m hoping, however, that this blog demonstrates the balance between those nights versus the planned, healthy eating I do most of the time.

I am also hoping you’ll see that I eat REAL food.  This not only includes whole, “clean” food, but every day, average, unpretentious, American food.  I try to incorporate as many fruits and veggies as I can in one day, but I’m not ready (or sure I’ll ever be) to eat clean 100% of the time.  Life is short and I want to treat my body well, while also enjoying all the things I love (the list is approximately 2,394,782,452,934 items long).  Luckily, I enjoy cooking and generally do 5 – 6 nights out of the week, but I also love the experience of going out to dinner or simply relaxing in my sweats and ordering takeout.  And I occasionally even – GASP – eat at McDonald’s.  I’m hoping you will respect that I’m trying to find a balance for myself where I am not a slave to the scale or calorie counts, but rather to listening to my body and being mindful of what it’s trying to tell me.

I realize there are a lot of food/healthy living blogs out there, so I am hoping to create my own niche.  Like everyone, I have a lot going on in my life and I’m hoping to demonstrate staying healthy and balanced while living within a moderate food budget AND with my significant other for the first time (Double whammy, eh?).  We all know that living with your S.O. can EASILY pack on the pounds (What shall we do today?  Want to eat pizza and cake and sit on the couch and watch our Netflix?).   Mr. KD and I do the best we can to eat healthy during the week and try to let ourselves have a plethora of few splurges on the weekend.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.  We’re really “good” at enabling each other, i.e. we can enable each other to eat badly just as easily as we can to eat well. 

He and I certainly do not agree on all things, so I’ll certainly share his take on recipes, restaurants, etc.  I am a huge fan of veggies and grains and he could eat a pound of chicken with each meal.  As you can imagine, this tends to mean that we have varying opinions about recipes, restaurants we eat at and what should be on our week’s menu for meals (FYI: When we go out to dinner, it takes approximately 45 minutes to decide on a place and we often resort to picking out of a hat.  Yes, I am serious.).   This works into the balance mentality – a healthy protein for him, a healthy grain and veggie for me!  And luckily, we both agree that chocolate is the be-all and end-all of delicious food :grin:

Oh, and, why the name “Ketchup Diaries”?  Well, despite my GINORMOUS sweet tooth, french fries are my FAVORITE food on the planet (very closely followed by 5, err, 50 things) and I am known for my love OBSESSION with HEINZ ketchup (HFCS and all!!!).  What you use on your entire order, I probably use on one fry!  I think Heinz should consider hiring me to be their “Subway Jared” equivalent!!

The tagline of the blog: “Eat, Move, Enjoy” is something that I hope we all strive to do.  I hope we all eat the things we love, move as often as we can and enjoy everything this life has to offer!

Until we eat again…

***Note*** I’m not a registered dietician, but I am extremely passionate about food, nutrition and fitness and do a lot of research on the topic.  All of the opinions on this blog will be mine and only mine and certainly should not be taken as “fact”.

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28 02 2010

I can totally relate to the “being nervous” part. It is a little scary to put your views out there for anyone to read. But we are all pretty nice around here. haha

I LOVE food too. I am excited to see the food that will show up here. So far it looks delicious. :)

Have you ever made ketchup yourself? Sorry, just a random thought.

You are right about chocolate. While I do not discriminate food, I am very picky when it comes to chocolate ( I am Swiss, what do you expect?). haha What is your preferred brand?

- Christina

28 02 2010

I have not tried to make my own ketchup, but maybe you just presented me with my next challenge! Hmmmm…I’m going to have to think about this!! I can’t even get up the courage to try Heinz Organic, which has been staring at me for some time. I’m just too afraid to part with my first love! :)

As far as chocolate goes, I don’t necessarily have a preferred brand. I often like chocolate that comes from family-owned confectioners. I think everything tastes better when made with love, ya know? I’m very curious to know your preferred brand, since as you mentioned, you ARE Swiss!

28 02 2010

hi! i really enjoyed reading about you & your story. your blog looks really cool so far – love the header! :)

<3 http://www.prettytimepiece.org

2 03 2010

Hey there!! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find you! This is GREAT! I love it…and I love the name! I could seriously eat ketchup on EVERYTHING!!! haha! Can’t wait to keep following!:)

2 03 2010

Lindsay- This is great, I love the recipes! Keep up the great work, hope all is well!

10 03 2010

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know you are not alone in your OBSESSION with HEINZ ketchup! I am so right with you!:) I am adding your blog to my blogroll and am looking forward to reading it regularly!

10 03 2010

Woo hoo! Love it!!

16 03 2010

I love your blog’s name as I’m obsessed with ketchup, too! :) And I eat a lot of it too…

You are so right about the importance of finding balance. I think it’s important to eat healthy foods, but unless there is a little bit of “wiggle room,” I don’t think it’s possible to stick with a “program” forever… :)

16 03 2010

I 100% concur and I hope people recognize that through this blog, so I can help in any way I can!

17 03 2010
Lara (Thinspired)

Oh, you might have some competition for the Heinz spokesperson position! ;) I am obsessed with the stuff, too. I’m trying to switch over to their Organic version, but it’s just not the same!

17 03 2010

Lara – too funny! I just wrote to them and asked them to send me a sample of the organic stuff!! And THANKS SO MUCH for commenting! I’ve been following you for awhile and it’s so exciting to see you on MY page! :smile:

5 04 2010

I can relate to the yo-yo of counting, then not counting and gaining, and counting to lose again. It’s exhausting! But I recently realized that I will probably always have to count my calories. I’m ok with that. It worked for me!

27 04 2010

I just found your blog and I like it a lot! you have great attitude towards food, exercise and blogging :)

27 04 2010

Thank you so much!!

6 05 2010

I’m new to your blog and I love your story! And you’re right, maintaining weight loss is rarely talked about…and it should be as I think it’s the hardest thing to do for many!

12 05 2010
Kara at MyWellnest

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ketchup myself! The name Ketchup Diaries drew me here!

15 05 2010

I just came across your blog and it caught my eye since I have an obsession with ketchup too! Also, I saw that your sis is graduating in Worcester MA, which is right next to where I live, small world! :)

29 05 2010

thanks for swingin’ on by! love your blog name and you seem super rad. have a stellar memorial day weekend!

31 05 2010

Because of Blogs like yours and others I have finally found balance between eating healthy foods daily and indulging in the occasional holiday foods. I also hope that I will be able to do this for the rest of the holidays throughout my life. I guess its true… ONE meal of indulgence will not make you gain weight!! :)

1 06 2010

I am SO happy to hear this :smile:

4 06 2010

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, so I could find you. I get so excited when I learn of other bloggers in the area, too! So glad to hear that you are getting into running…it’s truly my passion! Can’t wait to read more!

15 07 2010
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16 07 2010
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21 07 2010
Erin @ Swan Lake Eats Her Cake

I just came across your blog, read your About Me, and decided you are pretty cool. :) We seem to have a lot in common in terms of food and our philosophy. I can’t wait to keep up the reading!

21 07 2010

Thank you!!

22 07 2010

Your ketchup love cracks me up. Ketchup is awesome! As is your whole story. I totally agree that there’s room for plenty of fruits and veggies AND the “junkier” stuff sometimes!

28 07 2010
Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards)

Hey girl, I just found your blog and I can NOT believe I have not been reading it all this time! I love it and you have a great “voice”… cannot wait to read more. I am a mustard girl myself, but I hope we can still be friends :)

28 07 2010

Of course we can! It only means we are a perfect match!!

30 07 2010

HAHA so my name is also Lindsay, I’m also obsessed with ketchup and I just recently started a blog with ketchup in the title! Ridiculous!! I came across one of your comments while reading Carrots N Cake and had to come leave you a comment!

30 07 2010

No way!!!!!! Too funny!

11 08 2010

Your favorite food is french fries? You are a girl after my own heart, for real. :) Love it.

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