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26 02 2010


*and i still want to borrow that fab shirt you're wearing in your pic!* xoxo

happy blogging :)

3 03 2010

Love your blog GF! Just wanted you to know that I’ve been checking in. I love it and I love you! xo!

14 03 2010
Sue Benjamin

Hey Lindsay, just found your blog off of facebook. I love it. I am always looking for healthy recipes, good job.
My question is where is the recipe for the no bake protein bars? If you could give it to me I would love to try them.
Keep up the good work, you look great.


14 03 2010

You are the second person to ask for these. I forgot to put them on my recipe page….I’m going to do that right now. I’ll make a new category called “snacks”. Look for it!! And thanks so much for reading!! I’m going to try and put up at least 2 new recipes a week, so keep checking them out!

22 03 2010

Hi Lindsay! I Love your blog- I’m adding to my favories right now! We had the best time hanging out on Sat, we’ll need to do it again soon :) Have a great day! -Lisa

21 04 2010

hi lindsay! thanks for commenting on my blog! I am originally from mass. but I now live in vermont. I grew up in Newburyport, but spent 3 summers on Nantucket!! it is my dream to own a small cottage there:)
one day….

21 04 2010

Keep reaching for it! It WILL happen :smile:

29 04 2010
Erin at The Healthy Apron

Hi! Just found your site bc I heard you were also chosen for the featured health foodbuzz editor?? Congrats! I am loving your site! You are so witty. I just started blogging about 2 months ago so I’m new to the blogosphere. I will definitely keep reading! Take care!

1 09 2010
Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

I keep meaning to tell you – everytime I email you at – it comes back as undeliverable!

20 09 2010
Tracy Yemma

Looking to subscribe to website/blog.

20 09 2010

Hi, Tracy – I am currently in the process of moving to and will add a subscription widget then. I’m trying to do that tonight, so stay tuned. And, thanks for visiting!!!

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