I <3 Vacation

3 05 2010


It has been entirely too long!  I’ve missed you like WOAH.  I apologize for taking the weekend off, but with the various birthday celebrations going on around here, it was just too much to worry about the blog.  I took pictures off and on.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel appropriate to bust out a camera.  Know what I mean? 

On Friday (Wow – has it been that long?) Mr. KD turned 30!  On the same day, my Dad turned 60!  And, this all happened a day after my birthday!  Crazy, right?

Needless to say, it was a weekend of complete indulgence.  I’ve eaten cake, pecan pie and fried chicken with the best of ‘em!  Here’s a quick photo recap of some highlights.

Friday: Lunch at Bertucci’s!  Rolls, oil, side salad, roasted eggplant panini

A friendly game of mini golf:

And, because there was no one else on the course, we obviously decided to take pictures with some characters.

“‘Cuz this is Thriller….Thriller night.  And no one’s going to save you from the beast about to strike”

That evening, we dined at Mr. KD’s parents’ house.  We indulged in fried chicken, dumplings, corn, broccoli and chocolate cake.  It was decadent, filling and delicious.

On Saturday, we were pretty lazy during the day.  I got my hair done and came home to watch the Bruins.  We went out to dinner with my parents that evening to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  We wound up at a local pub and I had veggie pizza.  It was pub size and I ate 3 slices.  It really wasn’t the important part of the evening, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

The superstar of the evening was this pretty lady:

Oh, yes, that’s a pecan pie :mrgreen:   I haven’t had one since last summer at a family BBQ.  Mr. KD knows my dad & I are suckers for this dessert, so he picked one up for us.  I topped mine with vanilla ice cream and it was outrageous.  Worth.Every.Calorie.  Some things just are, ya know?

Yesterday, I was able to pull off a surprise dinner for Mr. KD.  I invited his closest friends, his parents and my parents.  Everyone was waiting for him at the restaurant when we arrived.  It was such a fun evening!

The guests:

My food:

Salad with vinaigrette, stuffed shrimp with mixed vegetables and homemade whipped potatoes

Sorry about the poor photos.  The restaurant was very dark.  I didn’t eat all of this, but I made quite the dent.

More chocolate cake.  Yes, they sung to Mr. KD and everything.  Don’t you just love birthdays?!?

The happy, stuffed couple:

That about wraps up the weekend, my friends.  As you can see, it was completely over-the-top.  I’m okay with it, as we had a lot of celebrating to do, but I could NOT wait to return to normal today!!

As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew I had a date with my Forerunner.  Unfortunately, it was raining outside, so I took it to the gym with me and hit the treadmill.  I’m not sure how far I ran, but I had an average heart rate of 161 (kind of low, actually) and burned 422 calories in 45 minutes.  L-O-V-E this thing! 

I’m going to save up and purchase the foot pod that will also sync with the watch for indoor training.  The pod attaches to your shoestrings and is able to track the “distance” you run on a treadmill.  So needed for winter running!

Before we move on from the Garmin, I HAVE to tell you about my run on Saturday morning!  It was a record for me: 4 miles in 36 minutes.  Yes, you read the correctly.  I don’t have access to my exact splits now, but mile 2 was under 9:00!!!!  I was BEAMING at the end of it.  I continue to amaze myself :grin:  

After today’s run on the treadmill, I tackled a new P90X workout with Mr. KD: Shoulders, Triceps and Chest.  It was a killer.  We had to perform push ups in a variety of ways, which were all extremely difficult.  Of course, I had to do most on my knees, but I was still feeling the burn.  I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!

After working out, it was time to refuel with some breakfast!  I whipped up one egg, one egg white, a slice of Arnold flax & fiber bread spread with peanut butter and topped with 1/2 banana

Lunch was a two-parter.  Before heading out for some errands around noon, I grabbed a Green Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar by Amazing Grass.

This was the last bar I had to sample from the pack that the company sent me.  I’m so glad I saved this one for last because I absolutely LOVED IT!!  The chocolate was smooth and the peanuts lent a slight, salty crunch.  The peanuts then gave way to a subtle sweetness, which was a combination of all the good stuff in the bar (dates, berries, etc).  It was way yummers.  If I see these in the store, I’ll definitely scoop some up.  I love knowing that these bars help me get in some much needed fruits and veggies on-the-go!

Lunch 2.0 consisted of some carrot fries and a veggie burger slathered with a laughing cow.

Snack: 2 dates

Truthfully, even though I ate a good amount today, I almost felt like I had to force myself to eat.  It’s humid and hot here, which generally stunts my appetite.  I wasn’t really in the mood to cook with the heat, so we enjoyed a very simple dinner tonight.

Baked potato topped with Bush’s vegetarian baked beans.  On the side, we enjoyed roasted broccoli.  Yummers.

This might not look like much, but the potato was HUGE and beans are always filling.  I’m sufficiently satisfied now :smile:

Okay, kiddos, I’m off to cheer on the Bruins and Celtics again!  Gosh, I just love vacation!!!

Oh, and a special note to all my fellow bloggers: I apologize if my commenting is sub-par this week.  It is hard enough for me to sit in front of the computer for my post – nevermind read through the monstrosity that has become my Google Reader.  This week was about a mental break and that’s exactly what I’m taking.  A HUGE part of this is saying no to any and all things computer related.  I hope you understand!!

Chat with ya’ll tomorrow :smile:

Question of the day: Do you continue to amaze yourself with your workouts?

I think the most motivating aspect of working out is seeing an improvement in yourself, which is why I’m so glad I have the Garmin now.  I used to struggle with a 10:00/mile and now I’m crushing that time.  It feels awesome!!!  I’m completely amazed and so proud of how far I’ve come!

Two Superfood Breakfasts Gone Wrong

3 04 2010

Mornin’, my friends!

It is already SO gorgeous outside!  I just ran outside for the first time in a long time.  I’m not sure how far I went because I don’t have a Garmin, but I was outside for an hour.  I ran 45 minutes and then walked the last 15.  I’m hoping I ran somewhere between 3.5 – 4 miles.  I’m going to try to calculate it in my car in a bit.

I have lots to do today to prep for Easter dinner.  I’ve got some baking to do along with cleaning and laundry.  So, you probably won’t be hearing from me until dinner.  Try not to miss me too much :wink:

After coming home from my run, I whipped out the blender and made the nastiest looking concotion to date!  Truthfully, it didn’t taste too hot either.  I added one packet of Amazing Grass’ wheat grass and it makes the whole thing taste “earthy”.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  I almost went with the chocolate superfood blend and at the last minute, opted for the wheat grass.  I tried to mask it with half of a banana and some berries, but I can still taste it. 

Oh well.  You win some.  You lose some. 

I dumped the smoothie in a bowl a la Kath and I have to say, I enjoy eating it (or what little I did eat) like it’s soup as opposed to sucking it through a straw.  This will probably be my new smoothie method when I get the chance to sit at home and enjoy one.  Although, not much enjoying was going on with this one. 

Into the blender:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 packet of wheat grass
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 handfuls of spinach

I topped it all off with some wheat germ because I like the texture.  Even that couldn’t save it.  To be honest, I took about two bites and tossed the entire thing down the sink.  I don’t care how good it is for my body.  If it doesn’t tast good then it’s not for me. 

Since I then felt rushed, I opted to try the chocolate superfood energy bar. 

There was no way I was taking out the blender again after just cleaning it.  And, since I have things to bake, I didn’t want to prepare anything either.  Not the greatest breakfast, but at least there are greens in the bar! 

It tasted okay.  It pretty much tastes like the original with a chocolate coating.  However, since the chocolate coating is raw and unprocessed, it doesn’t really taste like much, but it does give the bar a different texture. 

My advice on the Amazing Grass products as of now is to buy the berry flavored one!  That one was way tasty!

Okay, I’m off to shower and get my stuff done for the day!  I plan to put on a large pot of coffee to enjoy while I’m cleaning/baking.  That will help hold me over until lunch :smile:

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!  Enjoy the weather if it is nice near you!!

A Bunch of Randoms

30 03 2010

Hi, bloggies :smile:

Ya missed me, didn’t ya?  I can just feel it!  24 hours is too long to separate us from our chats!!

You guys, I have a (random) confession. 

Are you ready? 

I’m OBSESSED with my Google Reader.  I can’t wait to get home every day and see how many blog posts I have to catch up on!  Do any other bloggers feel this way?  Sometimes, I even get overwhelmed with the thought of not finishing them all, as though I’ll be the only blogger in the universe that didn’t know what YOU had for lunch.  Haha.  It’s funny if you think about it, actually.

Random complaint: And while we’re here, if you use Google Reader, won’t you please subscribe to me?  As of right now, I have a whopping 4 followers :sad:   Show a girl a lil’ love!

Random question:  I want to work with tofu next week.  Anyone have a good recipe for me?  I keep finding ones where the tofu has to be “pressed.”  Without an actual tofu press, can I still do this?  I like tofu and enjoy it out at restaurants, but I don’t cook it at home, so I’m looking for a little inspiration!

Random Shout Out:  Jessica, did you make the no-bake protein bars yet?!?  How’d they turn out?

Okay, I think that’s enough random shenanigans for one day.

Oh, wait.

Random thought: Kelly commented on my P90 post and told me that there definitely is not much cardio involved in the program.  Eek!  While I want to use this for weight training and strength, I wonder if my 4 cardio sessions per week is enough?  I guess I’ll just have to see in the first week, but gosh, I am SO ANXIOUS.  I just want to START already!

I have some exciting news to share with you guys!  Well, it’s exciting for me! 

When I first started reading food blogs, I was amazed at how many people reviewed products for their blogs.  Most of the bloggers were sponsored by Foodbuzz, like I am, so I was thrilled to sign up for the Foodbuzz Tastemaster Program.  The Tastemaster program is exactly what you would infer from the name!  Bloggers receive products to review on their blog.  Well, I’ve had my blog over a month and I’m still waiting.  I emailed the Foodbuzz team to inquire and they basically told me I should friggin relax am new to the blogging community and shouldn’t be too worried that I haven’t received anything yet.  Because I am a control freak go-getter, I decided to send a quick email to three companies and explain that I recently started a wellness blog and would like to try a sample of their products for review.  All three companies happily obliged and I received them all within a few days of each other! 

It really is true:  Sometimes, you just have to ASK!

Now, I want to give all of these products their due, so only one company at a time.

First up are a plethora of products by Amazing Grass!

When I recently wrote to Amazing Grass, I told them I was interested in trying their Chocolate Green Superfood because, well, if it’s healthy and tastes like chocolate, then I HAVE to try it!  Much to my surprise, the company actually sent me a sample of EVERY product.  Love!  Thank you, Amazing Grass!  You guys totally rock :smile:

Look at all of these goodies!

Now, I haven’t tried any of these yet mostly because I was so overwhelmed by the quantity of samples that I wanted to do a little research first to figure out what the heck I was consuming and how it would be beneficial to my diet!  And, no, I am not being paid to review them by the company and I WILL give you my honest opinion.  Scout’s honor, people!  Believe me, if it actually tastes like grass, you will hear about it from here to California!

Here is what I found out (paraphrased from their website).  Amazing Grass creates powders and bars that are organic, raw and gluten-free.  Each product category has its own benefit, so let’s break them down.  There are 7 (s-e-v-e-n!) different product categories, btw.  Crazy that one company can create so many healthy things!

Wheat Grass: 

Increases & sustains energy
Detoxifies & Cleanses the body
Balances your pH level
Strengthens your immune system

How you eat it: This is a powder that can be mixed into smoothies.

Green Superfood/Berry Superfood/Chocolate Superfood:

These products are essentially the same (I counted them as 3 of the 7 products as listed on their site), but with different flavors, from what I can gather.  They are a powdered mix of a variety of organic superfoods.  The powders contain actual whole foods, which are simple processed into a powder.  I’m telling you the ingredient lists are crazy!  Organic beets?  Organic Rose hips?  What the heck?  Hey, I’ll try anything once!  Plus, I’ve heard great things about them on other blogs!

These products not only help you sustain energy via all of the vitamins and minerals, but they also contain probiotics for healthy digestion.

KIDZ Superfood:

This product is, obviously, aimed at kids.  It comes in chocolate or berry flavor and is a great way to “trick” kids into eating their veggies!

Energy Bars (Peanut Butter Protein, Chocolate, Berry, Original)

These bars contain 2/3 of a serving of the drink powder, and are a great source of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Amazing Meal (Pomegranate Mango, Original, Chocolate)

Many of the benefits of Wheat Grass, but with added protein

Phew – are you with me?!? 

Now that you are more educated on the products, look for them in the coming days/weeks!

Nothing really happened today in terms of excitement.  Today just was.

Waking up to the sound of rain would be great if I had nothing to do all day.  But knowing I have to get my behind up at the crack o dawn to exercise and then work, it’s less than motivating to say the least!  Do you guys ever have a day where you really, really, really don’t feel like running?  Haha.  I’m sure a lot of you just jumped out of your seats, proclaiming, “ME!  ME!”.  Let me rephrase.  I am always less than impressed to get on the treadmill too BUT the thought of the feeling after the run gets me motivated enough to get through.  Today, even that motivation wasn’t enough for me.  I just didn’t FEEL like it.  I had to talk myself up the entire boat ride to the gym.  I blame it on the rain.

I got there and ya know what?  I did okay.  It wasn’t my best run, but I was really sweaty, which made me feel good.  I compromised that I only had to do 30 minutes of running, so long as I completed the remainder of my 60 minutes on other machines.  My compromise turned into this:
Time    Pace    Incline
0 – 5   4.0       0     
5 – 7   6.0     0     
7 – 9   6.5     0     
9 – 11  7.0     0     
11 – 13 6.0     0     
13 – 15 6.5     0     
15 – 16 7.0     0     
16 – 17 6.0     0     
17 – 18 6.5     0     
18 – 19 7.0     0     
19 – 20 6.0     0     
20 – 21 6.5     0     
21 – 22 7.0     0     
22 – 23 6.5     0     
23 – 35 Repeat Minutes 19 – 22 four more times  0     
35 – 36  4.7     4     
36 – 37 4.7     5     
37 – 38 4.5     6     
38 – 39 4.5     7     
39 – 40 4.7     4     
40 – 42 4.3     8     
42 – 44 4.0     10    
44 – 45 4.7     5     
Total Mileage: 4.22

Sorry that looks so messy…I need to update my Word.  Long story.

I then hit the bike for 15 minutes.  It felt so great to work out my quads.  And then, as promised, I stretched!
Now that I see this workout written out, I realize I’ve been slacking on running at an incline this week.  Must do this.  Thursday, perhaps?

It’s getting difficult to come up with tasty meals, guys.  Our fridge is getting empty and since we’re hosting Easter brunch & dinner (yes, that’s right: TWO meals!), Mr. KD and I decided that we’ll hit the store this weekend for Easter items only.  When the rush is over on Monday, we’ll head the store for what we need.  So, I just have to make sure I get something to feed us on Saturday.  We plan to go Friday during the day (again, both off), but I don’t have to worry about dinner because I have my fish and chips date!  Making it til Friday, however, is going to be tough.  We are low on the eats, so I apologize for anything that may appear really, really boring.

I have two really ugly pictures to show you now.  I’m apologizing in advance.  To heed my own advice for P90 and 5 small meals a day, I figured I should have something to eat after I came home from my workout.  I almost dug into an Amazing Grass bar, but when I saw they were about 230 calories/each, I decided those were best for actually replacing breakfast, as opposed to a “snack”.  I opted for half of a banana with some almond butter. 

Okay, before you look at the picture, let me explain.  I’ve been freezing bananas halves because it allows me to grab them quickly for oatmeal and other such things.  I couldn’t bite into the thing frozen, so I threw it in the microwave for 15 seconds and it got slightly mushy.  If you can’t handle bananas that way, I’m sorry.  I don’t mind, so long as they’re not brown.  Since these were frozen when they were just ripe, they actually had more banana flavor that a fresh one.  Anyway, I cut the half down the middle and added the almond butter.  The almond butter is at the end and all of the oil is gone.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I hate that!  It makes the end all crumbly. 

The end result was this:

Oh. Em. Gee.

Doesn’t it look vulgar?  Let’s just move on to ugly pic number 2!

This pic just so happens to have an ugly banana too!  This is the remainder of the banana from Saturday’s oatmeal.  As you know, placing bananas in the fridge forces their skins to turn brown. However, the inside was NOT brown.  At all.  Let’s just get that little clarification out there.  I sliced it up and placed it on a bed of Kashi Go Lean, which was also mixed with walnuts and dried cranberries.  They all went swimming in some almond milk :smile:

I am a huge fan of this breakfast.  Sometimes, a nice bowl of cereal just does the trick.

Lunch was more curried chicken salad because I think it is Heaven sent.  I think I’m going to start making my own chicken salad much more frequently.  It is SO much more delish than the store-bought kinds.  I placed it on my last (tear, tear) whole wheat pita.  I rounded out the meal with the remainder of my roasted broccoli and pineapple.  This lunch made me FULL.  I truly didn’t even need the pineapple, but didn’t realize it until after I ate it.

I eventually did get hungry for my snack, but later than usual.

Oh, Chobani pineapple.  Will you marry me?  I promise to always cherish you and tell you you’re prettier than all other yogurts whenever you ask :wink:

Seriously though, WHY is this stuff SO good?!?  I’m convinced it’s the 2% yogurt.  Has anyone actually seen the plain, 2% at the store?  I know it exists, but I haven’t seen it.  According the nutrition label, the difference between the low-fat and non-fat is the addition of cream.  Oh.  No wonder why it’s so good!!!  The 2% just doesn’t have that weird tang at the end like the non-fat.  Will the 2% be as beneficial to me even with the cream in it?  Does anyone know?  I’m thinking “no”, but I would LOVE to be pleasantly surprised.  C’mon!  Lie to me, people!

Random Interruption:  Is this the longest post ever?

Dinner was some pork chops served with quinoa and roasted brussel sprouts.

I coated the chops in some whole wheat flour and cornmeal and placed them in a pan with olive oil just enough for them to brown.  I then baked the rest of the way and had some BBQ sauce on the side.   I would like to reiterate my serious L-O-V-E for this BBQ Sauce.

I was recently lamenting to Kelly about my dislike for brussel sprouts.  I love almost all veggies, but I was NOT a fan of the Brussels.  She told me to roast them, so I went out on a whim and gave it a whirl.  The result?

Pretty dang good!  I am officially a brussel sprout fan.  As Mr. KD said, they sort of taste like broccoli.  I think it’ll take me a little to love the texture, but all things considered, I give them a thumb’s up.  I’ll defintiely be making them again!

I noticed that we had a try of mushrooms in the fridge that were in do-or-die mode, so I added them to the quinoa with a touch of thyme.  WOWZA!  This was good.  The thyme and mushrooms made this a completely different side dish.  It was yummy.  I love when things come together on a whim.

All together: 

I apologize that I subjected you to the fat that I cut off the pork.  Meant to take that off my plate first.  Sorry :oops:

Look at the roasted perfection.

Until we eat again…

Question of the day:  What is your favorite flower?

Mine is a gerbera daisy, but I’m also a big fan of lilies and tulips.  **Cough** Mr. KD **Cough**