Easter, Aquariums and Rosemary Chicken

5 04 2010

My Lovelies! 

How how I’ve missed thee :mrgreen:

How the heck are you?  And how was your Easter?!?

Ours was FABULOUS.  I must say, for first time hosts, we kind of knocked it out of the park :wink:   The food was EXCELLENT (if I do say so myself) and everyone seemed to have a really great time. 

Before I show you the pics of all of the delicious eats, let me start by saying that hosting is hard.  It was well worth it, but I am still exhausted.  Of course, I had a pretty big day today too, but I think my exhaustion is mostly related to yesterday.  Coordinating dishes in and out of the oven is a talent!  It’s certainly one that I have yet to master.  But all in all, Mr. KD and I were able to work it all out and serve a fantastic meal. 

Check out these pics!  I apologize in advance for subjecting you to my decorating, as well.  Keep in mind that we have no kitchen table and a hand-me-down dining room table.  I think we did pretty well!!

Brunch Table

The brunch table was comprised of a folding table under the disguise of a tablecloth :wink:

Dinner setting in the dining room

Pier One napkins, napkin holder and place settings.  L-O-V-E that place!

Love those gerbera daisies!!

My brunch plate: Two mini quiches, a biscuit, two whole wheat pancakes with apple topping and two slices of bacon.  Holy, holy, holy yummers!!!!!

Dinner spread on the serving island.  My mouth is watering all over again!!

Cheesy potatoes

Cinnamon apples

The most delicious ham on EARTH

The Classic: Green bean casserole.  Why is this stuff so good?!?

Glazed carrots

Of course, there was more on the island than the close-ups I took.  I was too hungry!  I even forgot to take a picture of my individual plate.  Oops!  Just know I had a little of everything.

And before I knew it, it was time for DESSERT.  Or, as I like to call it, HEAVEN.

My mom’s ladyfinger strawberry cheesecake.

And How Sweet’s Peanut Butter Frosted Brownies

After eating these, I can safely say that Jess is a goddess and I would bake anything she told me to.  These were OUTSTANDING and left me going to bed with a belly ache.  That’s the best compliment I can give a dessert!!  You should make this frosting NOW (I made my own brownies and just frosted them).  You can thank me later :wink:

I guess that sums up Easter.  As you can tell, it was a day of indulgence, but worth every stinkin’ bite!!

Now, Mr. KD and I have a new problem: Chocolate, chocolate, EVERYWHERE!  Not only did my mom give us candy baskets, but his mom did too.  On top of this, we each got each other a basket of candy.  I am not lying when I say we could handle Halloween night with all of the stuff we have.  It’s lovely and AWFUL at the same time!!  We’ve banished the chocolate (because it’s ALL chocolate) to our laundry room and have promised ourselves to take it slow.  We’re also thinking about taking some to work!! 

Switching gears now to talk about today!

Mr. KD and I woke up at 6:30 ready to tackle our first workout of P90!!  As I told you, I plan to do cardio on most days with the program, but I did not today.  I had a very special date that I had to be ready for, so we simply got dressed and headed downstairs to have our butts kicked!

It was tough.

Today, we worked chest and back in a variety of exercises and motions.  Obviously, Mr. KD is a lot stronger than I am, so some of the stuff came easier to him.  There were some things that I flat-out sucked at.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  I refuse to get discouraged though and am already pumped for tomorrow!!  I can’t wait to see myself get stronger as we go along with the program.

After the workout, I refueled with 3 hard boiled egg whites, 1/2 cup cottage cheese and some fresh fruit.

After breakfast, it was time to get ready for my date! 

Two of my closest friends were recently lucky enough to adopt the two most beautiful little girls (ages 5 and 18 months).  Today, I got to meet them for the first time!!!!   They are so good-natured and happy and I am simply so excited to be a part of their future in the coming years.  Our first play date was at the aquarium!

Before we headed out, we decided to have some lunch to save money.  My friends were gracious enough to offer me a few of their Easter leftovers.  Looks familiar, doesn’t it? :wink:

That ham looks a lot bigger than it actually was.  It was fatty around the edges, so most of it got cut off before I ate it.

The acquarium was a blast and the girls seemed to have a really great time.  We saw a variety of sea life, including:

As you can see, we had a great time! 

All of the walking made snack time extra tasty today :smile:   I packed up an apple and Clif MoJo bar before setting off with my friends.  I am so glad I did because around 4 pm, I got so hungry!

I think I may officially be in love with these MoJo bars.  They were recommended to me as a good bar to snack on between my cardio sessions and P90X because they are low in sugar and contain a decent amount of protein.  On top of this, they contain healthy fats from nuts and help you stay satisfied longer than most bars.  I loved this thing and plan to order a couple boxes online.  Yummy!

For dinner, I cooked up a recipe that Kelly wrote up in the comments section of this post.  I had asked my readers if they had a delicious, yet simple recipe and this was Kelly’s!


1 pound new potatoes
2 carrots
2 small zucchini
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons whole grain mustard
1 bunch of fresh rosemary
4 (6-ounce) boneless skinless chicken breasts
Salt and Pepper

Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Quarter the potatoes. Peel the carrots. Cut the carrots and zucchini into 2-inch sticks. Mix them in a bowl with olive oil, mustard, rosemary, ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Season the chicken with ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper.
Place everything in a 9X13 baking dish. Roast for 25 minutes. Toss the vegetables, turn the chicken and continue roasting until chicken is cooked through, 20-25 minutes more.

Yields: 4 servings

This was super easy to put together, which was so great!  There was only one problem: I don’t really like rosemary.  I knew this going into it, but I thought it would grow on me.  It didn’t.  It’s just not my spice.  I’m sure if rosemary gets your tastebuds excited, you would LOVE this dish.  There’s just something about it that I don’t like. 

I will, however, be experimenting with my own spices because this one-dish roasting method rocks.  The potatoes and veggies were perfectly browned, while the chicken remainded tender.  The olive oil/mustard mixture was great too.  Definitely try this one!  If you aren’t into rosemary, I’m sure you could substitute any spice!!

Since I’ve drowned you in photos today, I think I’ll leave you now.  As always, can’t wait to chat with you tomorrow!

Question of the Day:  How was YOUR Easter?

I spent so much time telling you about mine and now I want to hear about yours!  Spill!!

Baking Up a Storm on a Sunny Day

3 04 2010

Hey, Loves :mrgreen:

Wanted to post a quick update, so I don’t have to write a super long post at dinner.

After we chatted, I showered up and cleaned the house.  I then decided that I should write down all of the recipes I needed for today and tomorrow.  Does anyone else mainly use the internet for their recipes these days?  This leads to computers in the kitchen, which can only end in disaster.  I thought it best to have everything on a pad of paper instead.  While I was writing down the recipes, I thought it might also be useful to jot down tomorrow’s brunch, dinner and dessert because it is SO easy to forget something! 

Have you guys ever done that?  Tomorrow will actually be my first big dinner that I’m hosting, but I have seen so many other hosts finish a meal and then realize they forgot the bread.  I think you all know me well enough by now to understand that this kind of slip would KILL my Type A personality slowly.  So, make fun of me if you would like, but I have a list to refer to tomorrow :smile:

Yes, I realize I’m psychotic :shock:   Learn to love me anyway, would ya?

After creating the list, it was time to get to work on the cornbread, which came out as a masterpiece!

Mr. KD and I then took our lunch outside because the weather is PERFECT.  It’s about 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky :cool:   L-O-V-E it.

Unfortunately, I was so busy thinking about the brownies I still had to make and the laundry I was tending to that I completely forgot to photograph lunch :oops:

That’s a KD first.  I finished up the remainder of my curried chicken salad with a side of the bean salad that I had with lunch yesterday.  It was a small portion of each.  I served them side-by-side on a dessert/salad plate.  I actually didn’t finish the beans and gave them to Mr. KD.  I opted for 5 mini Cadbury eggs instead.  Don’t judge.  It’s Easter.

I’m warning you guys now.  You may be slightly horrified by how much chocolate I actually consume between today and tomorrow.  I PROMISE I’ll be back to normal on Monday.

And, because I know you’re so interested, I thought I’d give you an Easter menu breakdown.  You can thank me later :wink:


  • Mini Turkey Sausage, Mushroom and Cheddar Quiches
  • Apple Walnut Pancakes
  • Center Cut Bacon
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Biscuits
  • Coffee and Juice


  • Ham
  • Cheesy Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Corn
  • Glazed Carrots with Tarragon
  • Cornbread
  • Coleslaw
  • Crescent Rolls
  • Olive/Pickles (Does anyone else’s family do this?  I am not into it at all, but my mom insists on having it at every holiday meal.  I’m the only “weirdo” that has no desire to eat olives with my meal, but everyone else seems to love it, so I just go with it!)
  • Raisin sauce (I don’t know the secret behind this because Mr. KD’s mom makes it, but I can tell you its OUTRAGEOUS.)


How is THAT for some eats?  And, of course, I’ll probably nibble on some Robin’s Eggs and Mini Cadbury’s in between.  Would you want me any other way?!?  I didn’t think so!

Off to pick up my ham and enjoy the sunshine!