A Day of Utter Laziness

6 05 2010

Hi, Guys -

How is everyone today?  I had such  a GLORIOUS day filled with sheer laziness.  It was so needed!!

The day started off with a P90X confession.  Mr. KD had plans to go golfing with a buddy, so he decided to opt out of Yoga X for today.  I could not fathom an hour and a half of yoga by myself, so I laced up my sneakers, grabbed my Garmin and set out for 4 miles again.  I was a little nervous since I had such a tough time making 3 happen on Tuesday, but I was able to handle it just fine :smile:  

Here are the results from the Garmin:

Mile Pace  
Summary: 36:46 Total Mileage: 4.00    Average Pace:  9:10
1 8:24     1.00    
2 8:43 1.00       
3 9:18 1.00        
4 10:16 1.00   

As you can tell, I really have to work on pacing myself.  I was struggling at the end.  I was able to complete 4, but I’m exhausting myself to the point that I can’t fathom running a minute more.  I have to learn to control myself better, so that I can increase my mileage and, hopefully, work up to the half marathon I’d like to run someday. 

In addition to these stats, I was able to take a look at my heart rate.  On average, it was 178 bpm, which is 96% of my max rate.  I am assuming that if I’d like to push it longer, my heart rate should be slightly lower than this.  I’m not an aerobics expert, but I don’t think one should be able to maintain a 96% max heart rate for long periods of time.  This is probably why I’m running out of steam.  I’m going to have to research this and work on it in the future.

When I returned home, Mr. KD was getting ready to leave.  So, we said our goodbyes and I headed up to shower.  It felt FANTASTIC  to throw on oversized sweats and get ready sans makeup.  I whipped up a delightful fruit salad and settled into some breakfast. 

I enjoyed my new, favorite summery breakfast: 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (I found 2%…what a difference!!), fresh fruit, chia seeds, dry oatmeal and a scoop of cashew butter.

Yes, my friends, I broke down and bought some cashew butter.  I told you in the past that I was dying to try it, but it was $12/jar.  When I stopped by Whole Foods the other day, I was delighted to see that they sold it under their 365 brand for only $6.  Granted, it was still pricey.  But, I figured this was my change to try it. 

Honestly, I’m not a fan.  This surprises me because given the choice between peanuts, almonds and cashews, I’d have to say cashews would be my favorite out of the three.  I just wasn’t feeling it as a nut butter.  I can’t really explain why.  The best way I can put it would be to say that, while it tastes exactly like the cashews I enjoy whole, it simply didn’t “belong” in nut butter form.  It was just weird for me.  It could be because I bought it unsalted, but I’m not even sure a little salt could save it for me.

Oh, well.  You can’t win them all and I did scoop up this HUGE jar of 365 brand chunky peanut butter for only $3.69.  I was SO STOKED by this!  I generally buy Teddy PB, which is about $2.99 for a much smaller jar.  I love getting great deals :mrgreen:

It was a cloudy and semi cool day, so after breakfast, I felt no guilt parking it on the couch and watching anything and everything that Mr. KD is not a fan of.  It was so lovely!!!!  Obviously, I love hanging out with him, but sometimes it’s great to surround yourself with complete silence and trashy TV :smile:

At exactly noon, I was ready for lunch and settled on a variety of items from my fridge.  I threw together some leftover baked beans, half of an organic chicken sandwich with light mayo and carrots fries.  I’m really into carrot fries lately.  They’re certainly not as good as potatoes doused in ketchup, but they’re definitely a great alternative. 

To satisfy my afternoon snack craving, I threw together a bowl of cereal.  Don’t you just love when your body is craving something specific and you can whip up that exact thing?  It’s actually quite a difficult thing to do, considering cravings are a funny thing.  Today, however, I was craving carbs and fat (probably because I didn’t touch the cashew butter this morning).  A bowl of cereal did just the trick.  I mixed Kashi puffs, a sprinkle of granola, raisins, dried cranberries and a few walnuts into some almond milk.  Completely did the trick.  Yummy.

As the afternoon went on, it really cleared up and it got quite sunny.  This certainly perked up my mood, so Mr. KD and I are currently off to grab a few beers and dinner over the Sox game :smile:   Perfect summer evening if you ask me!

Hope my favorite folks have a fabulous evening!  Chat with you tomorrow!  xoxo

Question of the day:  Which do you prefer: Chinese or Pizza takeout? 

Dang!  This is tough because I enjoy both on occasion, but I’d take pizza.  Plus, most pizza joints sell fries to eat with ketchup! :wink:

I <3 Vacation

3 05 2010


It has been entirely too long!  I’ve missed you like WOAH.  I apologize for taking the weekend off, but with the various birthday celebrations going on around here, it was just too much to worry about the blog.  I took pictures off and on.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel appropriate to bust out a camera.  Know what I mean? 

On Friday (Wow – has it been that long?) Mr. KD turned 30!  On the same day, my Dad turned 60!  And, this all happened a day after my birthday!  Crazy, right?

Needless to say, it was a weekend of complete indulgence.  I’ve eaten cake, pecan pie and fried chicken with the best of ‘em!  Here’s a quick photo recap of some highlights.

Friday: Lunch at Bertucci’s!  Rolls, oil, side salad, roasted eggplant panini

A friendly game of mini golf:

And, because there was no one else on the course, we obviously decided to take pictures with some characters.

“‘Cuz this is Thriller….Thriller night.  And no one’s going to save you from the beast about to strike”

That evening, we dined at Mr. KD’s parents’ house.  We indulged in fried chicken, dumplings, corn, broccoli and chocolate cake.  It was decadent, filling and delicious.

On Saturday, we were pretty lazy during the day.  I got my hair done and came home to watch the Bruins.  We went out to dinner with my parents that evening to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  We wound up at a local pub and I had veggie pizza.  It was pub size and I ate 3 slices.  It really wasn’t the important part of the evening, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

The superstar of the evening was this pretty lady:

Oh, yes, that’s a pecan pie :mrgreen:   I haven’t had one since last summer at a family BBQ.  Mr. KD knows my dad & I are suckers for this dessert, so he picked one up for us.  I topped mine with vanilla ice cream and it was outrageous.  Worth.Every.Calorie.  Some things just are, ya know?

Yesterday, I was able to pull off a surprise dinner for Mr. KD.  I invited his closest friends, his parents and my parents.  Everyone was waiting for him at the restaurant when we arrived.  It was such a fun evening!

The guests:

My food:

Salad with vinaigrette, stuffed shrimp with mixed vegetables and homemade whipped potatoes

Sorry about the poor photos.  The restaurant was very dark.  I didn’t eat all of this, but I made quite the dent.

More chocolate cake.  Yes, they sung to Mr. KD and everything.  Don’t you just love birthdays?!?

The happy, stuffed couple:

That about wraps up the weekend, my friends.  As you can see, it was completely over-the-top.  I’m okay with it, as we had a lot of celebrating to do, but I could NOT wait to return to normal today!!

As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew I had a date with my Forerunner.  Unfortunately, it was raining outside, so I took it to the gym with me and hit the treadmill.  I’m not sure how far I ran, but I had an average heart rate of 161 (kind of low, actually) and burned 422 calories in 45 minutes.  L-O-V-E this thing! 

I’m going to save up and purchase the foot pod that will also sync with the watch for indoor training.  The pod attaches to your shoestrings and is able to track the “distance” you run on a treadmill.  So needed for winter running!

Before we move on from the Garmin, I HAVE to tell you about my run on Saturday morning!  It was a record for me: 4 miles in 36 minutes.  Yes, you read the correctly.  I don’t have access to my exact splits now, but mile 2 was under 9:00!!!!  I was BEAMING at the end of it.  I continue to amaze myself :grin:  

After today’s run on the treadmill, I tackled a new P90X workout with Mr. KD: Shoulders, Triceps and Chest.  It was a killer.  We had to perform push ups in a variety of ways, which were all extremely difficult.  Of course, I had to do most on my knees, but I was still feeling the burn.  I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!

After working out, it was time to refuel with some breakfast!  I whipped up one egg, one egg white, a slice of Arnold flax & fiber bread spread with peanut butter and topped with 1/2 banana

Lunch was a two-parter.  Before heading out for some errands around noon, I grabbed a Green Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar by Amazing Grass.

This was the last bar I had to sample from the pack that the company sent me.  I’m so glad I saved this one for last because I absolutely LOVED IT!!  The chocolate was smooth and the peanuts lent a slight, salty crunch.  The peanuts then gave way to a subtle sweetness, which was a combination of all the good stuff in the bar (dates, berries, etc).  It was way yummers.  If I see these in the store, I’ll definitely scoop some up.  I love knowing that these bars help me get in some much needed fruits and veggies on-the-go!

Lunch 2.0 consisted of some carrot fries and a veggie burger slathered with a laughing cow.

Snack: 2 dates

Truthfully, even though I ate a good amount today, I almost felt like I had to force myself to eat.  It’s humid and hot here, which generally stunts my appetite.  I wasn’t really in the mood to cook with the heat, so we enjoyed a very simple dinner tonight.

Baked potato topped with Bush’s vegetarian baked beans.  On the side, we enjoyed roasted broccoli.  Yummers.

This might not look like much, but the potato was HUGE and beans are always filling.  I’m sufficiently satisfied now :smile:

Okay, kiddos, I’m off to cheer on the Bruins and Celtics again!  Gosh, I just love vacation!!!

Oh, and a special note to all my fellow bloggers: I apologize if my commenting is sub-par this week.  It is hard enough for me to sit in front of the computer for my post – nevermind read through the monstrosity that has become my Google Reader.  This week was about a mental break and that’s exactly what I’m taking.  A HUGE part of this is saying no to any and all things computer related.  I hope you understand!!

Chat with ya’ll tomorrow :smile:

Question of the day: Do you continue to amaze yourself with your workouts?

I think the most motivating aspect of working out is seeing an improvement in yourself, which is why I’m so glad I have the Garmin now.  I used to struggle with a 10:00/mile and now I’m crushing that time.  It feels awesome!!!  I’m completely amazed and so proud of how far I’ve come!