Just Say No To Quick Fixes!

13 04 2010

Hey there, you Whatchamacallits!!  (I’m not sure if this works, but Whatchamacallits are one of (if not the) most underrated candy bar in America and I needed to give a shout out.  I want one RIGHT now!)

And, speaking of shout outs, how about a big on to the (Wo)Man upstairs, who is actually gracing New England with a SPRING.  I’m not sure about other parts of the country, but we haven’t had a legit spring in a long time.  We’ve gone from winter coats to humidity like whoah.  While I enjoy slightly warmer temps, a true spring is all about 60 degree days and that’s exactly what we’re getting.  It’s just warm enough to get the flowers ready to bloom (which they are) and bring the trees back to life.  And, it’s enough to get all of the cooped up Bostonians excited for summer!

It also signifies the start of the baseball season, as well as NHL and NBA playoffs.  This might not mean much to you, but it means the world to me and I’m stoked for the coming weeks.  It’s so much easier to jump into these things when it’s not 30 and snowing out!!  Na’mean?  So, again, a huge “THANK YOU” from New England to the Heavens.

I have to get something off of my chest and, unfortunately, you’re going to feel the brunt of it.  This is my blog and while I want to make you happy, I also have to show a little love to the topics I NEED to bring up.  So, what is so serious to demand such attention?

Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of the Quick Trim weight loss products.

You guys know how much I love her.  In case you missed my post about running into her in the bathroom, you can read it here.  The basis of my admiration is founded on two very separate reasons, which are:

1.      After her “home movie”, she could have easily crumbled up into a serious disaster and turned into the butt (no pun intended) of everyone’s joke.  Instead, she took the high road and decided she would turn all of the attention into a positive and work her tail off for endorsement deals.  Thus, Keeping Up With the Kardashians was born and the rest is history.  I am NOT condoning the making of such films, but I think you can tell a lot about person by the way they handle adversity.  I know we all roll our eyes over these silver-spoon-in-the-mouth celebrities.  While she clearly has had a privileged life, that kind of publicity would embarrass and mortify anyone (except for maybe Jenna Jameson).  So, I’ve always given her props for making a name for herself.  I hear people talk about how she has “no talent”, but I disagree.  She’s smart and she knows that the world enjoys a beautiful woman.  If I were in her position and looked 1/100th of the way she did, I would be marketing my looks too.

2.      This is the most important reason.  Her body.  Plain and simple.  She is one of two (Beyoncé being the other. SO much love!) celebrities that showcase their gorgeous, womanly figures and the media ENJOYS it.  I think there are other curvy woman in Hollywood who are just as gorgeous, but the Paparazzi tend to put a negative spin on their curviness.  Every time you hear these other women mentioned, the word “curves” is more like an insult or back-handed compliment.  Kim, on the other hand, is always on every list that is supposedly counting down “the hottest bodies in Hollywood”.  I LOVE this.  Why?  My body is similar (no, it’s not nearly that nice..I’m talking shape-wise) and I’ve always hated it.  I have bigger legs and a SERIOUS butt.  I always hated my “lower half” during my “dieting” years.  I could become emaciated with jutting collarbones and still have a boot-ay.  It’s just the way I’m built.  Thankfully, I’ve come to not only accept this trait, but embrace it.  I think women come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re tall, long-legged and naturally thin, I think that’s beautiful too.  I’m just happy girls like me don’t have to stare at pictures of Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel anymore and think we have to look like that to be beautiful.

So, do you now understand why I’m so disappointed in her latest venture?  The very thing I love her for is being marketed in a false way!  I’m not saying she doesn’t use Quick Trim.  She probably does and she’s definitely lost some weight.  She looks great (and always did), but she’s sending the wrong message.  Granted, the ingredients list on the products could be much worse.  They are comprised of mostly natural ingredients.  The system also comes with a meal plan, which is better than most.  From what I can tell, it’s low-fat and pretty low carb (except for the natural carbs found in veggies).  But, that’s not the point.  The point is that we need to get Americans away from the “quick fix” mentality.  This is SO frustrating to me!  Why are we in such a rush to achieve everything NOW?  Good things come to people who work hard.  At the risk of sounding 95, it appears as if we’ve lost this mentality in the internet age where you can make virtually anything happen in a moment’s notice. 

If you have a poor diet and want to lose weight, a stupid little pill is not the answer you need (and you know these are the people buying the product)!  Folks like this need emotional support as they start to maneuver around a healthy lifestyle (not something that has a “beginning” and “end”).  We need celebrities to talk about lean chicken, broccoli and OATMEAL (don’t even get me started on “no carbs”), so people can understand that food, in general, is not the enemy.  CRAPPY food and a sedentary lifestyle are!  At least I can give Kim props for putting out a workout video.

I guess the bottom line here is that certain things work for certain people.  I’ve mentioned this before.  I have no desire to be vegan, but understand that it works for some people.  I’m not here to judge.  And, while these different diets may include different types of food, they also contain just that: FOOD.  Not pills!!  Good, wholesome food.  No matter what food philosophy you believe in, I think it’s hard to argue with natural foods.  When people want to drop a few pounds, they simply have to listen to their bodies and turn to these foods.  There’s no need to take a pill on top of it to “speed” anything up.  The fact that people are still searching for quick weight-loss tips depresses me.  I thought, at the least, our society could have learned by now that the “quick” pounds come back.  Always have and always will.

Ah – if only I were famous and could preach this message.  I have to stop talking about this here or I’ll ruin my own night.

That would be a shame because today was SUCH a fabulous day!  Our morning was absolutely amazing.  I was in a FANTASTIC mood before even getting to work.

I had a phenomenal run on the treadmill this morning.  I cranked that incline up to 1% and left it there for a 3-2-1 workout.  I ran for 35 minutes and felt great.  I came home for a little somethin’ called Plyometrics!  I love, love, love this workout.  I’m that obnoxious workout partner that claps and yells “Whoo!” after every thigh-burning exercise.  I can’t help it.  I love to sweat and the harder the jumping squats feel, the happier I am.  It’s all about the way I’m going to feel after.  Right, folks?!?  Mr. KD tries to pretend he enjoys working out with me, but I think he not so secretly wants to hang me from the pull-up bar :shock:   I’m so stoked to do the shoulders and arms workout tomorrow with my new free weights! 

Then, as I was getting ready, I thought I heard “beeps” from a large truck backing up.  Turns out, it was the furniture delivery truck with our NEW KITCHEN TABLE!  They told us they’d be over between the hours of 7 – 11 and showed up at 7 on the dot!  I was so pumped to have a look before I went to work!  Remember that horribly empty space I showed you a few weeks back?

Now look at it!

Please also note: 1) The rug (Nice, right?) and 2) How far off the floor my feet actually are!!

What?  You don’t have photo shoots at 7 am with your kitchen table?  Oh. :???:

The table really brings the entire downstairs together.  Our dining room still needs serious work, but we’re getting there.  It’s finally starting to look like our house, as opposed to a place we’re simply renting.  Love it and love living with my best buddy.  It’s the greatest.  Oh, stop hating on my cheesiness.  It’s true! :grin:

My food intake today was all about the fruit, which is never a bad thing!

Breakfast today was pretty legendary.  It took extra time to put together, but was so well worth it!  I peeled and cored an apple last night to make a quick version of the cinnamon apples I use to top my whole wheat pancakes with.  I didn’t measure anything and simply added 1 apple, splash of water, drizzle of honey, pinch of brown sugar, pinch of salt, dash of vanilla and LOTS of cinnamon before heating the whole thing up in the microwave for 2 minutes (only the butter and whole wheat flour were missing from original recipe).  This morning when I got to work, I reheated it for another minute and topped it with ¼ cup of granola.  You guys – this granola isn’t even CRUNCHY.  I don’t think I can make it through the whole bag.  The apple was so good, however, that I was just happy to have the granola there for a different texture. 

I also warmed up some egg beaters in the microwave at work and drizzled them with some KETCHUP.

Super yummy, nutritious and filling.

I had a fruitified salad at lunch, which was nothing short of amazing!

In the mix:

·       Spinach
·       Arugula
·       Strawberries
·       Blueberries
·       Pineapple
·       Caramelized onions
·       Goat cheese

I whipped up some of the homemade balsamic I’ve been using to take with me.

On the side, I had half of a pb&j sammy. 

The “j” was Polaner’s fruit spread and the PB was Teddie’s.  As for the bread, oh la la!  I thought you’d never ask!  I’ve been on the prowl for a new bread.  Last week, I tried a kind that I hated.  This week, I scored the jackpot.  I purchased a loaf of Arnold’s Natural Flax and Fiber bread because it had a NuVal score of 48.  To give you a comparison, Pepperidge Farms 100% Whole Wheat Hearty Texture scores in at 29.  I wanted the most bang for my buck, but I ended up getting a huge bang for my taste buds as well!  It had a great texture, crunchy seeds on the crust and the flavor was hearty without overtaking the sandwich (I hate this about some wheat breads).  A total win in my opinion!  A big thanks to NuVal on this one!

At around 3, I shut my brain off for a quick snack of cottage cheese and dates. 

I just love dried dates.  The texture of them is great.   I love how thick they are.  Imagine if raisins were this thick?  I’d be in a raisin coma in NO time!

Please pause for a brief interruption of this post.

I often get asked “how” I can make my lunch every day.  These inquiring folks claim it’s too annoying and the last thing they want to do when they get home (or they have no time in the morning).  Guess what?  It’s the activity that I dread the most every day, but I know I’ll thank myself the following day when I have healthy food to eat all day long.  At the risk of sounding harsh, I simply have to say: Suck it up, people!  It’s annoying and I hate doing it too, but I’m worth knowing what I’m putting in my body.  I’d rather be in charge of it than expect the cafeteria to buy tuna packed in water as opposed to oil.  It’s a necessary evil and a huge money saver.  So, just do it!  I have all the tolerance in the world for folks that are trying to learn how to adapt to healthy choices, but there’s no room for laziness.  So, kick it to the curb and bust out the sandwich meat already!!  I know I’m talking to the wrong crowd right now, but I still feel better getting this out.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

I had so much fun with dinner tonight!  We had a ton of pork leftover, so we knew we were going to work on it tonight.  Mr. KD made a quesadilla with his and it looked pretty tasty.  I decided to follow his Mexican lead and have some in a wrap.  Burrito style!  I smashed some baked beans onto the tortilla (La Tortilla Factory brand), added the pork, some lettuce, shredded 2% Mexican cheese and Greek yogurt.  All served with leftover green beans and some roasted asparagus.

(Yes, that is sour cream on the plate.  I needed both.  I think I need to give up this Greek yogurt fight)

Hello deliciousness!

All eaten in the company of one extremely handsome dinner companion :smile:

Loved eating on a table!

I just want to thank you guys again for letting me vent!  I apologize if I went a bit off topic.  I guess I’m getting more comfortable with you and letting my true colors show!  I pretty much have a strong opinion about everything, which can be slightly obnoxious.  But, I’d rather be like that than have no passion!  Hope you still love me :smile:

Question of the day:  Do you like fruit in your salads?

I used to think this was so weird and an absolute no-no.  Now, when a salad comes without fruit, it doesn’t feel complete!


15 03 2010


Wait – let me repeat that!


Do you guys SEE how close we got to KK?!?

And would you like to know the best part about this encounter? This was in the LADIES’ ROOM! Haha. Oh yes, it’s true. Sarah and I WOULD catch our break in the toilet.

We almost had the fail of a lifetime as we were deciding if we should just suck it up and dance or continue hanging out in a corner like we were. I’ll tell ya – it’s not easy going to a “club-ish” type place with only one friend! It forces you to make life-altering decisions, such as to dance or not to dance. Life is tough in the KD world, folks :wink:

Turns out, as we were contemplating, KK entered the place and walked right by. We were so shocked that our reactions were stalled and by the time we locked eyes and figured we had to hustle, she was surrounded by 478,847,111 super-stalker, stiletto & mini dress wearing, too-much-bronzer-for-only-March-12th fans.

Look at that:

As you can imagine, Sarah and I completely stood out in this type of crowd due to our classiness. We wore medium heels appropriate for work (or chasing down celebrities), fake eyelashes AND had the decency to wear nylons under said mini dresses. I even had a flower in my hair. We exuded class. Clearly.

We even practiced our surprised face for if/when we met her:

We tried to play nicely in the elbowing, toe-stepping crowd, but it was NOT easy. It was every stiletto for herself and we tried hard to push to the front, but we just couldn’t. The small victory here is that Sarah didn’t bite the ponytail off of the girl in front of her who kept whacking her in the face with her hair. You mean you didn’t pay $20 for a ponytail sandwich?

I’m digressing. KK was finally escorted into the DJ booth where she talked to us, took a twitpic and did a lil’ dancing.

She then disappeared from the booth and Sarah and I determined this would be a good time to hit the ladies’ room. Turns out, it wasn’t busy in there and as I was doing “my business”, I thought I heard male voices. Upon emerging from my stall, I saw KK washing her hands, surrounded by her male bodyguards!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played it totally cool by running to Sarah’s stall, threatening her life if she didn’t break out her camera in 2.3 seconds, while practicing a version of Lamaze reserved for crazy women in a bathroom that run into a celebrity. Exuding classiness. Told ya’ so.

The bodyguards were mean. Granted, I’m sure they have to be, as they probably run into a lot of crazies out there, but they scared me (and perhaps my Lamaze threw them off?). I am 100% positive she would have taken a picture with us if we had asked, but her bodyguards gave us the look of death, so all I could muster was, “I love you, Kim.” Sarah offered the very articulate, “Hey, Kim.” And then snapped her photo.

One more time:

Ahhhh! :shock:

I still can’t believe I was that close to her. And for the record, if I am ever that close to Beyoncé, someone might want to ensure there’s an EMT on hand because my heart WILL stop.

Oh, and for all of you wondering if Kim’s bum deserves the attention is gets in the paparazzi, all I have to say is :shock: It’s the eighth wonder of the world! I’ve never seen anything like it! I actually woke Mr. KD up when I got home just to talk about her bum. He was not impressed and actually coined the term “super-stalker” as used in this entry. Pffffffft. He’s totally just jealous. I can tell.

One last thing on this: she’s just as gorgeous in real life as on camera and was completely gracious to anyone that actually mustered the courage to talk to her. And so I ask, didn’t they have a VIP toilet she could use?!? If I was that pretty and making god-knows-how-much per appearance, I would demand parking my bum on nothing less than platinum, people! Maybe I would consider 14K gold, but nothing less! TOTALLY KIDDING.

Maybe. :wink:

Now that we’ve relived one of the top nights of my life, let’s get into today’s eats!

But first, exercise!

I hit the gym nice and early and hit the treadmill.  I told you guys last week that I wanted to lessen the time at 6.0 and increase my times at 6.2 and 6.4 so I did it today.  I was able to hold it for 20 minutes, but then had to come back down.  I sprinted/walked for an additional 10.  My cold is about to come out full-blown, so even though my legs felt great (hello, 2 days rest!), I could barely breathe, which was VERY annoying.

  • Warmup 5 min – 4.0 – 4.7
  • Jog 1 min – 6.0, 1 %
  • Jog 2 min – 6.2, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.4, 1%
  • Jog 1 min – 6.0, 1 %
  • Jog 2 min – 6.2, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.4, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.0, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.2, 1%
  • Jog 1 min – 6.4, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.0, 1%
  • Jog 2 min – 6.2, 1%
  • Jog 1 min – 6.4, 1%
  • Sprint 1 min, 8.5, 0%
  • Walk 1 min, 4.5, 0%
  • Sprint 30 sec, 9.0 – 0%
  • Walk 1.5 min, 4.5, 0%
  • Sprint 30 sec, 9.0 – 0%
  • Walk 1.5 min, 4.5, 0%
  • Sprint 30 sec, 9.0 – 0%
  • Walk 1.5 min, 4.5, 0%
  • Sprint 30 sec, 9.0 – 0%
  • Walk 1.5 min, 4.5, 0%
  • Cool down 5 min, 4.7 – 3.3, 0%
Total Time: 50 Min
Total Mileage: 4.82 (I feel like it’s always 4.82, don’t you?)

After the run, I hit some back and bicep exercises.  It was a good workout and I was happy to be back in the gym.  I will say, however, that those two days of rest felt spectacular.  My legs felt SO good this morning.  Sometimes, I think 5 days is the perfect amount of exercise for me, while other weeks I think 6 is the perfect number.  I guess I should just listen to my body and rest when needed!

Breakfast consisted of a whole wheat English muffin and some egg beaters. I keep a carton of egg beaters at work and heat them up in the microwave. I used about ½ cup and seasoned them with hot sauce and ketchup :smile: The English was adorned with ICBINBL and Polaner 100% strawberry fruit spread. No added sugars. Love that stuff!

Lunch provided lots of nutrients with leftover eggplant parmigiana and a salad. I didn’t have many veggies to put on top of the salad today, so I opted for a fruit-inspired one instead! Mr. KD peeled and cored an apple for me last night (so nice of him, huh?), which I placed on some romaine with walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese. Drizzled with light raspberry vinaigrette.

I am trying to keep my protein up during the day, so I added the walnuts to the salad and ensured my snack also included protein and healthy fats to keep me satisfied.

Enter a juicy orange and string cheese:

I also had half of a trail mix bag from the vending machine. I knew my snack wouldn’t hold me over until dinner, but I couldn’t think of anything else to pack last night. Whenever this happens, I rely on this healthy trail mix to pull me through. I ALWAYS only eat half and save the other half for the next day. It consists of almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and raisins. All unsalted, of course.

This was my portion:

I defrosted chicken breasts last night and marinated them in Newman’s Teriyaki sauce all day long! When marinating, always be sure to puncture the meat slightly to allow the flavors to really seep in.  Mr. KD cooked them up on the George Foreman grill. Sooooo juicy and tender.
I wanted to bake some french fries tonight, but I had to run an errand after work and didn’t get home until 6:45.  So instead, we cut the potatoes with our fancy wavy cutter and roasted them.  I sprinkled them with salt, pepper and Emeril’s Bayou Blast.  This might be the best spice I own.  If you like things with a kick, seek this stuff out NOW!

The meal was rounded out with some roasted broccoli that was seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder. LOVE ME SOME BROCCOLI!!

Because of my insatiable hunger by the time we sat down to eat, I woofed this down and am now sick to my belly :sad:   I’m generally a very slow eater.  My body doesn’t know what to do when I shovel food into it :oops:

Hoping to get another good night’s rest and feel better tomorrow.

Until we eat again…

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite celebrity? I know some of you out there aren’t “into” celebrities, but just play along. Anyone you think is cool enough to chat over coffee?

I think I’ve made it quite clear that mine would be Beyoncé. She’s classy, fabulous, generous, talented and private. I think more celebrities should take a clue from the B handbook.