A Dinner With Friends

4 05 2010

Hi, Guys!!

How was your day?  Mine was quite lovely too, actually.  Thanks for asking :mrgreen:

It was absolutely GORGEOUS here today.  It was literally the perfect day!!  So, first thing this morning, I set out on a 3 mile run before my scheduled Plyo session with P90X.  Unfortunately, I had a bad running day.  I couldn’t shake a cramp from my side and I wound up with a throbbing shin splint :sad:   I ended up completing the 3 miles, but it was tough and I had to stop several times throughout my workout.

I think this is due to two reasons: 1) My body is getting used to running outside (hence the shin splint) and 2) I’m pushing it too hard in the beginning of my runs. 

Kelly wrote an extremely informative post about running a few weeks ago.  Two things stood out to me: Never increase by more than 10% per week and run even or negative splits.  I’m not sure if I’ve necessarily increased by more than 10% because I’ve never run outside before.  So, even though I had an epic 4 miler on Saturday, there is a possibility that it was too much too quickly for me.  I also know that I have not been running even/negative splits.  In fact, I rarely pay attention to how quickly I’m moving until it’s over.  My splits indicate that, like the majority of new runners, I am starting off fast and slowing down at the end.  I think it’s safe to say that I have to save my mojo for a stronger finish.  I suppose this is all a part of the learning curve, but I better start paying attention of shin splints could be the least of my troubles!

My plan for this evening is to ice, ice, ice.  If I wake up tomorrow and it feels okay, I might try to run 3 again.  If it doesn’t, I’ll hit up the gym and focus on something non-impact.

Even if the run was difficult and I had to take a few breaks, I still got my heart pounding.  After this and plyo, I needed some serious refueling.   But because it was so nice out, I wanted something light.  A green monster would have done the trick, but I didn’t have any spinach :sad:  

So, I improvised:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 3 – 4 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 cup almond milk

This was only a’ight.  Almond butter doesn’t have the same effect in smoothies as peanut butter does.  In addition, it was a little thin, which I was bummed about.  You know I’d rather eat my smoothies with a spoon than sip one through a straw!

Later in the day, Mr. KD and I hit up Whole Foods and searched for inspiration for a dinner we were hosting this evening.  While there, we grabbed salads from the salad bar.  My mix included a plethora of veggies and the star of the show – Indian spiced tofu.  Holy yum!  I tossed the entire salad with a Fig salad dressing, which was subtly sweet.  So tasty!

Our dinner plans involved my friends, Denise and Ari.  We decided that a healthy, home cooked meal was in order for our guests.  They brought along their daughters, which was the first time Mr. KD got to meet them.  These are the same little girls I hung out with at the aquarium a few weeks back.  They’re total cutie pies!  Mr. KD and I are officially obsessed :smile:

At the last minute, we also found out we were going to see my friend, Angi.  This was a pleasant surprise since I haven’t seen her in ages.  Yay for friends & dinner!

As many of you may know, hosting a dinner that involves two small children can present a challenge.  We wanted to offer a healthy, balanced dinner that would be as appealing to the girls as it was to the adults.  So, out of default, we settled on chicken breasts.

We wanted to keep the tastes simple, so we marinated the chicken in this southwestern marinade:

On the side, we roasted up baby new potatoes that were tossed with green onion, garlic, olive oil, s&p.  We also took a chance on corn on the cob and fresh asparagus. 

The finished product on my plate:

Check out that ketchup :shock:

The corn was so sweet!  I was really impressed.  It wasn’t as good as August corn on the cob, but it was still pretty dang tasty.  And, of course, you can never go wrong with roasted asparagus.  Yummy in my tummy!!

After dinner, the adults enjoyed a few dance parties hosted by the girls.  I may be a bit biased, but I think they’re uber talented :wink:   Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to act as the paparazzi to other people’s children.   Just believe me when I tell you that one look and you’d fall in love!

Now that it’s time to relax, my mind is only on one thing: a snack!  I feel as though I didn’t eat much today and my belly is still rumbling.  I might have to have a lil’ somethin’, but I’m just not sure what. 

Goodbye for now, my friends.  I will chat with you tomorrow.  I apologize for the lame posts this week.  Ah!  Why do I keep apologizing?!?  I can write anything I want, right?  Imagine living in my head.  It’s a scary place.

Question of the day:  Do you have a default dish that appeals to adults and children alike?

Granola Fail

10 04 2010

Let’s try this again after having computer issues ALL MORNING!

Hey there, Sugarbabies!

How are ya?  I’m just fabulous because it’s pretty tough to be in a bad mood on Saturday.  Although I’ll certainly say I’m pretty bummed that it’s cloudy and rather chilly.  I suppose it’s okay because Mr. KD and I have no plans and simply have a lot of errands to run.  We also have to clean the house.  Ick, ick, ICK.  I even hat the THOUGHT of it.  As with all things in life, cleaning would be a lot more fun if I were rich and could hire someone to do it for me :wink:

I rocked out a 5K on the treadmill this morning.  I gave myself 30 minutes to do it and rocked it out in 28 minutes.  If only I could do that outside!!  I asked for a Garmin for my birthday, which is coming up soon.  Hopefully, I’ll get one and can start getting outside.  All in all, I ended up getting close to 4 miles on the treadmill and then came home to do P90X.

We were up for Kenpo today, which was basically like being in a karate class or training for a boxing match.  Or, at least, that’s my assumption since I’ve never done either of these things.  It was an hour filled with a ton of punches and kicks.  It was a good workout, but it’s safe to say I was never meant to be a boxer.  I felt so uncoordinated!!  The good things is, I know I’ll improve.  I’m just not the jab and uppercuttin’ type.  Or at least not yet! :wink:

It was a good workout and after, I refueled with some breakfast.  Before we get into that though, I want to clarify that I didn’t eat the attune bar last night and ended up eating a no-bake protein bar.  It sounded better to me and it was delish.  It was way too many carbs at one time though between the oatmeal in the bars and my pizza.  No wonder why I was still hungry!   Protein is the thing that really does the trick for me!  Too bad I like my carbs, veggies and fruit so much better!  That’s okay though.  Eating well is a continuous learning process.  Don’t forget that!

I was feeling cold cereal at breakfast because I wanted to try out a new granola that I bought yesterday.  I have actually never bought granola before because I never think it’s worth the calories for the small serving size.  However, I’ve seen many of my fellow food bloggers using a tiny bit of granola as a topping for their green monsters and yogurt.  This sounded so good to me, so I was on a mission to find a granola that wouldn’t kill my diet.

Most of these food bloggers use Galaxy Granola and rave about its taste.  I checked out their website and was delighted to see that their products were sold at my grocery store.  Galaxy is unique because they bake their granola with unsweetened applesauce, as opposed to oil.  Pretty cool, right?  I had my mind-set on getting the vanilla flavor. 

However, when I started poking around the granola aisle, I wanted to be sure I was getting the best granola.  It felt like I look at 100 different kinds.  In the end, I settled on this kind:

The reason I decided on this is because the serving size was bigger than Galaxy (1/3 to 1/4) and the stats were similar with the exception of Simply Granola having less sugar.  I figured it was a win-win and went against my fellow food bloggers’ choice.  Guess what?  The joke is on me because this wasn’t very good.  I mixed it in with some Kashi Puffs and couldn’t taste it!  At all!  I’m not sure if this is because the Kashi puffs is such a strong flavored cereal (it’s very whole grain tasting).  I’ll give this one more shot on my yogurt, but I think I made a serious granola fail.  The more I thought about Galaxy, I realized that if something is sweetened with applesauce it’s obviously going to have more sugar.  I’m such a dope sometimes.

So, my breakfast consisted of: 1 cup Kashi puffs, 1/4 cup granola, 1 cup almond milk with 1/2 banana sliced on top.  On the side, I had some strawberries and blueberries.

This was light and refreshing, but I realized that even though it looked like a lot of food, the calories were actually pretty small considering the amount I had just worked out.  Kashi puffs only contain 70 calories for a cup!  That’s nothing!  So, I decided to scoop up some White Chocolate Wonderful on the side.

I had this X2.  It filled me up perfectly and I felt super energized after.  Love protein and healthy fats.  They were so well to curb my hunger!

I’m writing this paragraph a few hours after I started this post because I was having computer issues.  However, it got me to thinking how I put so much pressure on myself throughout the weekends to post breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Don’t get me wrong – I love you guys and enjoy talking to you everyday, but my weekends should be for me.  When I force myself to post all of these times during the day, I realize that I’m acting as though this is a chore.  During the week, my favorite part of the day is talking to you guys to unwind.  I don’t want to start resenting it because I’m trying to squeeze in too many posts plus some time for myself on the weekends!  It sounds so obvious, but sometimes you have these lightbulb moment.  Thomas Edison, I am not :wink:

So, with this being said, look for my normal nightly post on the weekends too.  Sometimes, if I’m not feeling up to it on a Saturday, I’ll simply post a recap and show pics of my food without all the details.  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do this and, actually, I enjoy it as a reader.  It’s a good change of pace to see all of the pictures instead of words. 

I’m officially putting too much pressure on myself to make this blog perfect and that’s so silly.  I own this work and can do what I want with it, right?  So, thanks for understand :smile:

Love you guys and so very much appreciated your comments/emails about the format of the blog.  Looks like it’s pretty much staying as is :mrgreen:

Chat with you guys at dinner!  Enjoy your Saturday!

80% Chocolate

3 04 2010

Growing up, we all learned that the human body is made up of mostly water.  If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the percentage is about 80%.  That was yesterday, folks.

Today, my body is made up of 80% chocolate.  Or, actually, perhaps sugar is a better word. 

When it came time to frost the brownies, I couldn’t help but sneak a few bites of frosting.  It is SO yummy, but SO sweet.  I also have a tendency to keep walking by the candy dish that holds the mini Cadbury’s and sneaking a few every time.  I received the large bag yesterday and it’s almost gone :shock:

Granted, Mr. KD has been helping.  BUT STILL.  I am on sugar overload.  And even though I would like to tell you that I won’t do it again tomorrow, I know I’m going to be eating one of those brownies and a small piece of cheesecake.

I told you I would disgust you. :oops:

But you know what?  I refuse to feel bad about it.  I know myself well enough to know that I can have a few “off” days in celebration of a holiday (I only see those minis once a year!) and then snap right back to it.  In fact, I will be CRAVING clean food on Monday.  I’m already craving it to be honest.  So, I might have gained a few pounds between yesterday, today and what’s to come tomorrow, but I know I’ll be back at it on Monday and feeling like myself again by next Friday.  That’s all I have to remind myself!

I think I received the same amount of candy that I always do, but I have been eating more of it in a shorter time because I want to be done with it by Monday.  I know this is foolish, as I should just eat what I eat and then toss the rest.  I’m just telling you the truth (as ridiculous as it may sound).

At least dinner looked like a normal KD meal!  We planned for an easy night tonight and picked up a whole chicken while at the store yesterday.  I roasted up a sweet potato and some asparagus to with it.  So easy, yummy and healthy.

When I was younger, my mom used to buy one of these chicken on the nights she went to the grocery store.  For whatever reason, I didn’t really like them as a kid (crazy, I know).  To compensate for this, I would dip the chicken in LOTS of ketchup.  Shocking, right ?  I’ve continued this tradition into adulthood.  I recognize it’s weird, but it’s the ultimate comfort food for me.  It helps me to feel like a kid again.  :smile:

I know that’s a ton of chicken on the plate.  I wanted to have both white and dark meat, so I put both on the plate.  I obviously didn’t eat that much (althought I think I’ve eaten 10 times that amount in sugar today) and left the remainder on the plate.

I apologize that I’m so boring today, guys!  I promise I still love you :smile:   I am just SO exhausted.  I was on my feet all day and I think the outdoor run took a lot out of me.  I actually retraced my path and went 3.6 miles.  I was extremely happy with the mileage, but when I remembered it took me 45 minutues, I was SO bummed.  That is sooo slow.  I was really disappointed.  I realize I just have to keep at it and I’ll get better, but I thought all of my running at 1% would have me running a little quicker than that!!  It certainly gives me reason to keep at it!

Okay, guys, I am off to snuggle up with Mr. KD and catch up on some DVR.  I don’t think I’ll be blogging tomorrow.  It’s going to be a hectic day and I have to focus on the preparation of the meals.  The reason behind me doing both brunch and dinner is that Mr. KD’s mom is a nurse and has to work tomorrow :sad:   Terrible, right?  So, we’re doing dinner in the evening to ensure she can have a nice Easter too.  Brunch will be for my parents, sister and grandmother.  Of course, they’ll be staying for dinner too.  Considering dinner doesn’t even start until 6:30, I’m not sure what time folks will leave.  Depending on the time, I can’t promise that I’ll be posting tomorrow night.  I will DEFINITELY give you a full recap on Monday of all the spectacular eats. 

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF MY MOST FAVORITE KD LOVES!  I truly appreciate you reading every day and I hope you have a wonderful time with your families tomorrow.  xoxo

It could be possible that the next time I talk to you guys, I will have already completed one routine of P90X :mrgreen:


Question of the day:  What are your Easter plans?  Do you have a favorite Easter meal?

You already know the answer first part of this question.  My favorite Easter meal is definitely a Honey Baked ham with potatoes and veggies, which is exactly what I have to look forward to tomorrow :smile: