A Dinner With Friends

4 05 2010

Hi, Guys!!

How was your day?  Mine was quite lovely too, actually.  Thanks for asking :mrgreen:

It was absolutely GORGEOUS here today.  It was literally the perfect day!!  So, first thing this morning, I set out on a 3 mile run before my scheduled Plyo session with P90X.  Unfortunately, I had a bad running day.  I couldn’t shake a cramp from my side and I wound up with a throbbing shin splint :sad:   I ended up completing the 3 miles, but it was tough and I had to stop several times throughout my workout.

I think this is due to two reasons: 1) My body is getting used to running outside (hence the shin splint) and 2) I’m pushing it too hard in the beginning of my runs. 

Kelly wrote an extremely informative post about running a few weeks ago.  Two things stood out to me: Never increase by more than 10% per week and run even or negative splits.  I’m not sure if I’ve necessarily increased by more than 10% because I’ve never run outside before.  So, even though I had an epic 4 miler on Saturday, there is a possibility that it was too much too quickly for me.  I also know that I have not been running even/negative splits.  In fact, I rarely pay attention to how quickly I’m moving until it’s over.  My splits indicate that, like the majority of new runners, I am starting off fast and slowing down at the end.  I think it’s safe to say that I have to save my mojo for a stronger finish.  I suppose this is all a part of the learning curve, but I better start paying attention of shin splints could be the least of my troubles!

My plan for this evening is to ice, ice, ice.  If I wake up tomorrow and it feels okay, I might try to run 3 again.  If it doesn’t, I’ll hit up the gym and focus on something non-impact.

Even if the run was difficult and I had to take a few breaks, I still got my heart pounding.  After this and plyo, I needed some serious refueling.   But because it was so nice out, I wanted something light.  A green monster would have done the trick, but I didn’t have any spinach :sad:  

So, I improvised:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 3 – 4 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 cup almond milk

This was only a’ight.  Almond butter doesn’t have the same effect in smoothies as peanut butter does.  In addition, it was a little thin, which I was bummed about.  You know I’d rather eat my smoothies with a spoon than sip one through a straw!

Later in the day, Mr. KD and I hit up Whole Foods and searched for inspiration for a dinner we were hosting this evening.  While there, we grabbed salads from the salad bar.  My mix included a plethora of veggies and the star of the show – Indian spiced tofu.  Holy yum!  I tossed the entire salad with a Fig salad dressing, which was subtly sweet.  So tasty!

Our dinner plans involved my friends, Denise and Ari.  We decided that a healthy, home cooked meal was in order for our guests.  They brought along their daughters, which was the first time Mr. KD got to meet them.  These are the same little girls I hung out with at the aquarium a few weeks back.  They’re total cutie pies!  Mr. KD and I are officially obsessed :smile:

At the last minute, we also found out we were going to see my friend, Angi.  This was a pleasant surprise since I haven’t seen her in ages.  Yay for friends & dinner!

As many of you may know, hosting a dinner that involves two small children can present a challenge.  We wanted to offer a healthy, balanced dinner that would be as appealing to the girls as it was to the adults.  So, out of default, we settled on chicken breasts.

We wanted to keep the tastes simple, so we marinated the chicken in this southwestern marinade:

On the side, we roasted up baby new potatoes that were tossed with green onion, garlic, olive oil, s&p.  We also took a chance on corn on the cob and fresh asparagus. 

The finished product on my plate:

Check out that ketchup :shock:

The corn was so sweet!  I was really impressed.  It wasn’t as good as August corn on the cob, but it was still pretty dang tasty.  And, of course, you can never go wrong with roasted asparagus.  Yummy in my tummy!!

After dinner, the adults enjoyed a few dance parties hosted by the girls.  I may be a bit biased, but I think they’re uber talented :wink:   Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to act as the paparazzi to other people’s children.   Just believe me when I tell you that one look and you’d fall in love!

Now that it’s time to relax, my mind is only on one thing: a snack!  I feel as though I didn’t eat much today and my belly is still rumbling.  I might have to have a lil’ somethin’, but I’m just not sure what. 

Goodbye for now, my friends.  I will chat with you tomorrow.  I apologize for the lame posts this week.  Ah!  Why do I keep apologizing?!?  I can write anything I want, right?  Imagine living in my head.  It’s a scary place.

Question of the day:  Do you have a default dish that appeals to adults and children alike?


28 02 2010

Hi Guys!

Heat update: A guy from the oil company showed up and we apparently had a pipe that was clogged.  Now that we know how to look for these things, we can hopefully avoid having to call in the future.  So many little tricks you learn being a first time homebuyer!  Luckily, maintenance like that is covered in our basic plan, so no charge.  Woo hoo!

Hope everyone had a great morning :grin:   By the time I got home from church, I was soooooooo ready to eat lunch.  Mr. KD was having leftover pizza from last night.  I tried to not even SMELL it, so I wouldn’t be tempted to indulge in any.  It didn’t work. :sad:   I saw it.  I smelled it.  I wanted it. :shock:

BUT, I decided to take the time to make myself an egg salad sandwich instead.  I know I just had eggs this morning, but I rarely ever eat egg salad because I don’t feel like preparing it at night for the next day to take to work.  On the side, I decided to have a salad to allow some greenage back into my life after my carb and sugar overload last night. 

As I discussed this morning, my grocery shopping this week was less than stellar.  After deciding I wanted a salad, I opened the fridge to see my veggie choices, which consisted of  – well – lettuce :neutral:

I had to improvise and ended up tossing on some dried cranberries, goat cheese and walnuts.  I decided to toast the walnuts first, which I’m generally too lazy to do.  I know that sounds really bad, but I never want to dirty a cookie sheet just for a handful of walnuts!  And then it came to me.  Duh!  I could use my toaster oven.  Aren’t toaster ovens da bomb?  Seriously, if you’re still using a regular toaster, you don’t know what you’re missing!  I toasted those Bad Larrys for about 10 minutes at somewhere between 275 – 300 degrees (hard to tell on a toaster oven). 

HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!  YUMTASTIC ALERT!!!  I don’t think I’ll ever put walnuts on my salad EVER again unless they’re toasted!!  They were SO good!!!!

Egg salad was made with one egg, one egg white, about a tbsp. of light mayo and a small drop of dijon mustard.  S&P too, of course.

The finished product:


I also drizzled the salad with a little of this Naturally Delcious Light Raspberry Vinaigrette.  It is sweetened with fruit juices, as opposed to HFCS or added sugars.  And it’s delish!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sundays before the start of another work week.  Mr. KD and I are anxiously counting down the moments until the Men’s Ice Hockey finals between the US and Canada!!  Hoping to see a great game and see the boys take home the gold!

Say it with me: USA!  USA!  USA! 

Until we eat again…