KD’s Life To Do List

27 04 2010

Hey there, Sunshines!  How are you? :smile:

Guess what?  TOMORROW IS MY FRIDAY!  Try not to be too jealous :wink:


I’ve heard many people talk about how, as they get older, their birthdays don’t mean as much anymore.  I refuse to ever let this happen!!  I believe everyone deserves one day throughout the year when their friends and family make a big deal out of them.  It helps ya’ feel good, ya’ know?!? 

Since I don’t have a new recipe this evening, I thought I’d create a “Life List” and share it with you guys.  I was inspired to do this after reading Tina’s yesterday.  I never really thought to do this before, but after seeing hers, realized how important it is for each of us to have one of these lists! 

So, without further ado, I decided to create mine this evening.  I aimed for twenty-seven achievements in honor of my 27th birthday.  But, it turns out, I have more than that!  Some of these goals are rather silly, some are serious and some are only dreams.   Speaking of….

There is a copy center in my town that always displays cute sayings on their sign.  This week, the sign reads, “Goals are dreams with a deadline.”  I thought it was inspiring, which is another reason I wanted to create this list.

Hopefully, I can revisit this in years to come and track my progress!  I encourage you to do the same!

  1. Sip a cappuccino and eat a cannoli in Venice.
  2. Become a dog owner.
  3. Get married.
  4. Become a mom.
  5. Become a certified nutrition and wellness consultant and help others achieve their goals.  More importantly, speak to kids about the benefits of proper nutrition.
  6. Write an article for a magazine (not sure about what, but it would be cool!).
  7. Drive cross-country with Mr. KD.  No real plans…just me, him, a map and the radio.
  8. Visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
  9. Go to Hawaii
  10.   Run a half-marathon.
  11.   Visit Japan and eat copious amounts of sushi while there!
  12.   Start a vegetable garden.  (This is really ambitious for me.  I hate bugs)
  13.   Travel to every state in the US at least once.
  14.   Meet Beyoncé. 
  15.   Meet Oprah.
  16.   Go to a night club in Vegas just to say I did.
  17.   Attend Mardi Gras.
  18.   Hoist the Stanley Cup over my head (it’s easily the coolest trophy).
  19.   Adopt a child who needs a good home.
  20.   See the Grand Canyon.
  21.   Become a wellness consultant for a large corporation.  (Vague, but I’d simply like to use a large companies’  reputation and “voice” to help spread wellness to Middle America.  Anyone interested?!?).
  22.   Visit Graceland.
  23.   Learn how to bake a custom cake as seen on Cake Boss.  I want to be that mom!
  24.   Stay in a luxury condo in NYC for at least a week!
  25.   Watch the Celtics win a championship – in person – at the Garden.
  26.   Stand on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.
  27.   Visit Niagara Falls.
  28.   Attend a church service down South (they just have more fun than us Northerners).
  29.   Learn how to salsa.
  30.   Visit Israel. 
  31.   Visit the Kardashians’ Calabasas D-A-S-H location.  Totally creepy, but it’d be fun!
  32.   Attend a Jimmy Buffett concert….just because I love beer, sunshine and margaritas :smile:
  33.   Shake hands with Dalai Lama.
  34.   Shake hands with Bob Kraft.  And, thank him.  Profusely. 
  35.   Receive a hug from Dwayne Wade.  (Relax, Mr. KD.  It’s just a hug!)
  36.   Receive a hug and kiss on the cheek from Shemar Moore :mrgreen:
  37.   Own a pair of Christian Louboutins.  :wink:
  38.   Have lunch with Warren Buffet just because I’d probably get a nice lunch out of it :smile:
  39.   Eat at Giordano’s in Chicago!!
  40.   Live in Boston’s North End (Sadly, I think my time has passed on this)
  41.   Get the recipe for Bertucci rolls and flavored oil and surprise Mr. KD by baking them on every special occasion!!
  42.   Make homemade ice cream.  Because, why not?
  43.   Visit Portugal and learn more about where my ancestors came from.
  44.   Learn to speak another language.  I’ve always thought speaking Chinese would be so cool, but at this point, I’d take brushing up on my Spanish skills to become fluent!
  45.   Take a vacation with my mom, dad, sister and Mr. KD.  Just because they’re the most important people and vacations are awesome :smile:
  46.   Visit the Vatican
  47.   Spend a week in New Hampshire or Vermont in a snowstorm.  Sit by the fire, sip coffee and enjoy the view.
  48.   Eat a meal specifically made for me by Emeril Lagasse.
  49.   Take a tour of the White House.
  50.   Take a dance class taught by Wade Robson.

Wow – who knew I wanted to do so many things?!?  It was exciting just typing that.  I officially feel inspired and am excited to kiss 26 goodbye tomorrow and welcome 27 with open arms :smile:

Now, FOOD!

Oikos with a drizzle maple syrup, cinnmon, frozen berries, Justin’s hazelnut butter, dry oatmeal

I have finally found a way to enjoy plain yogurt!  I nuked this for 30 seconds at work.  It was just enough to loosen up the nut butter.  This created a light juice from the berries, which I mixed with the yogurt.  I won’t even need the maple syrup next time.  SO GOOD!

Lunch: Turkey & Laughing Cow on a La Tortilla, spinach, black beans


Dinner: Turkey Meatballs (find them on my “Recipe” page), spaghetti squash, Newman’s Organic Marinara, and a slice of white bread!  All that talk of Bertucci’s rolls and oil had me craving some!  This is why we always keep a loaf in the fridge.  You know you eat well when you consider a slice of white bread a crazy treat :wink:

Shared the seasoned oil with Mr. KD

I am currently blogging and trying to watch the Celtics at the same time.  It’s making me crazy!  Must focus on the boys.  GO GREEN.

P.S. Completed our first Core Synergetics workout of P90 today.  Holly moly.  So.Hard.  It was the most difficult workout I’ve ever performed.  It made yoga seem like cake!

Question of the day:  Do you have a “to do” list?  What’s it include?

Kit Kats, Goals, Guests and Yoga

8 04 2010

Kit Kats!

I know I generally call you guys “loves”, but I thought it would be cute to call you something food chocolatesque.  Kit Kats sounded like it worked :smile:   I kind of like it and really LOVE Kit Kats.  I’m sure you’re shocked.  It’s been so long since you’ve heard me say I “loved” a food :lol:   I think I’ll try to go a whole week and call you something food related.  This could be fun because, well, I’m really cheesy like that.

Lots to say today so let’s get to it, yo!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this summer coming up and what I’d like to accomplish.  Last summer, Mr. KD and I were in the process of closing on/moving into our home.  It was a wonderful experience, but the summer was consumed with talks of interest rates, PMI, down payments, etc.  Eck.  In addition to this, it literally rained ALL summer.  If you’re from New England, you can back me up on this.  The number of nice days could be counted on two hands.  We had so many weekends full of cooler weather and rain.  And then – POOF – it was Fall all over again.
So, it’s quite easy to see why I’d like to make this a killer summer.  Therefore, I decided to make a list of things I’d like to do and accomplish.  I thought I’d share with you because I know you are SO interested in my goals.  And, even if you’re not, it might inspire some of you to make a plan of action for yourself!

Without further ado….

1.      I’d like to run outside more.  This is a tough one considering I work out so early.  It’s pitch black outside, which doesn’t make for great running conditions.  I know all you hard-core runners out there push through it in darkness, rain, snow and sleet, but that’s just not for me.  I’m 5’2” and little.  I’d be really easy to abduct.  I think I’d rather run in the sunshine when people are around.  Plus, I think my mom would be REALLY mad if she found out I were running by myself in the dark.  SO, look for me to run on Saturday mornings when I can find the time :smile:

2.      Sign up for my first race = CHECK!  I was thinking about this today and realized that I ACTUALLY signed up to run a 5K like I’m even a runner.  I’m excited, but the thought of it gives me total butterflies.  Moving on…

3.      Go on hikes.  I’m not really sure about the details on this one, but it’s something Mr. KD and I have talked about and it sounds like fun, so why the heck not?

4.      Cook more summer-inspired recipes.  What can I say?  I’m from Massachusetts!  We have beautiful summers, but the winters tend to drag on and on and my recipe collection certainly reflects my love of comfort food.  I want to start making diverse salads and light dishes!

5.      Attend the Healthy Living Summit.  I just noticed today on Caitlin’s blog that the Healthy Living Summit dates have been announced.  It will be held in Chicago on August 13 – 15th.  I so desperately want to go!  There are not many details out yet, but is anyone else tossing around the idea of going?  If so, email me and we can totally be hotel roommates to cut down on costs!

6.      I originally only had 5 goals, but an extra one is always important for good measure!  I want to go to the beach more!  I have SO many beaches at my disposal in the summer and sadly, the older I get, the less I seem to utilize them.  I’m hoping to put a stop to that this summer and simply stop to feel the sand beneath my toes :smile:

I hope to work toward these goals in the coming months.  If I don’t make them happen, I’m not going to stress over it, but I’m going to give them all my best effort.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to ask you all a favor!  Next weekend, I am heading up to New Hampshire for a girls’ weekend with my college roomies.  You’re jealous, aren’t you?   You should be :wink:   I really want to use this as a time to disconnect from the world and focus on my gf’s.  SO, I’m looking for guest bloggers!  Who’s up for it???  If you’ve always thought of starting your own blog, this could be the perfect time to test the waters.  If you already have a blog, share your favorite recipe or the reason you decided to start your blog in the first place.  Get creative, people!  You can truly write about anything, so long as you keep it clean :wink:   I talk to you guys all day long about fitness and food, but I have many other interests including fashion, sports, celebrity gossip, stopping childhood obesity, MAC makeup, high heels, beer, sweatpants, cozy fires, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT etc, etc.  As you can see, I’d enjoy reading a post on just about ANY topic, so long as it was charismatic! 

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger, please email me at lindsay@theketchupdiaries.com.  Please include your name and a blog – if you have one. I’d like to receive all posts by Wednesday, April 14th.  This will give me time to sort through them all and determine how many I’ll need to fill up the days I’m gone.  Don’t leave me hanging, folks!  I know you’ve got something to say to the blogosphere!  And, please, if you’re thinking of writing something and can’t get it to me until the 14th, at least let me know of the topic so I can do some pre-planning.  You didn’t think my Type A was going to let you wait ‘til the last minute, did you?!?

Let’s get on with our normal discussion, shall we? 

Mr. KD and I were up BRIGHT AND EARLY to tackle some yoga.  I’m still trying to sort my thoughts on it to be honest.  I have a hard time letting go of the old school mentality that you have to sweat like a beast to get in a good workout.  This is why I’m a cardio lovin’ fool.  The more I sweat, the better I feel.  Even though running always seems like a drag in the beginning, the “rush” I get at the end is SO worth it.  I’m not sure if it’s exactly runner’s high, but it’s SOMETHING.  I feel invigorated and ready to tackle the day, which is the reason I’ve refused to give up my cardio sessions while doing P90X.  As I told you yesterday, the yoga is 90 minutes long, so there is no way I can fit both in.  I know that great workouts come in all forms and that is the main reason I am trying out P90.  I would be the first to tell an inactive person to make fitness “fun” and then force myself to grind it out on some boring piece of equipment just to get the feeling after the fact.  I’m a hypocrite in this area, but at least I can admit it.  So, keep this in mind when I give my yoga review.

At first, we performed a bunch of combinations.  For all of you who have never tried yoga, combinations are a series of fluid movements that you continue doing for a certain amount of time.  They included the Warrior pose, downward dogs, planks, etc, etc.  Dang – this part went on and on and it was TOUGH.  I was sweating and found it really challenging.

The second half of the workout consisted of static poses.  This was also tough, but in a different way.  I didn’t sweat nearly as much, but my muscles were being challenged like crazy!  Have you ever tried to hold your extended leg in the air for 60 seconds?!?  So hard!  My muscles were shaking uncontrollably!

I enjoyed challenging my body in a different way.  However, I didn’t get that “accomplished” sensation after the fact.  I will say that I definitely felt calmer during the entire day.  I’m not sure if is because of the yoga itself or the fact that I wasn’t rushing to the gym to rush back home for the second part of my workout.  It was refreshing to simply wake up, head downstairs and begin. 

I also understand that a huge part of yoga is about being in the zone and freeing your mind.  This is nearly impossible next to Mr. KD, who is a wisecracker like no other.  He made me giggle on more than one occasion.  On top of this, I had a hard time zoning out when I couldn’t always contort my body properly.  I also found it hard to relax when it hurt.  I danced for many, many years and this brought me back to ballet work on the barre.  Forcing your body to look graceful and composed when every inch of it aches is very, very difficult!

I bet a lot of people feel this way the first time they try yoga.  Can anyone back this theory up?  I knew it was going to be a mental and physical challenge.  That’s exactly what it was.  I’m excited to continue practicing it and, hopefully, watch my flexibility improve.  I also think that Mr. KD and I got all of our laughs out-of-the-way today, so next time we can focus on being more in the moment.

And I’ll tell ya another thing.  I’m sore.  Already.  I’m feeling sore in the back of my shoulders, so I’m actually not sure if it was from yesterday’s shoulder workout or from holding my body weight this morning.  It could be a little of both, which is okay with me!

Tomorrow is Legs & Back.  Bring it!!

Now let’s talk about the food, which is always my favorite part :mrgreen:

I did so well with my food today.  I was completely satisfied all day.  I know it’s only my fourth day on P90, but I’ve already given up my morning protein shake.  I just wasn’t feeling the 5 meals a day thing.  I do fine on four.  I found that when I was having the shake, I was hungrier throughout the rest of the day.  I could be making this up in my head, but since I’m all about listening to my body, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  I don’t think I need it.  I’m not hoping to look like a fitness model, so I think I’m just fine eating the way that I do.  I will, however, try to incorporate more protein into my diet and you’ll probably see the protein powder making appearances in my day-to-day menus.

For example, in today’s Green Monster!!

I mixed:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 handfuls of spinach

 Topped with some chia seeds for fun!

You guys – I am LOVING these chia seeds.  By the time I got to the end of the smoothie (which I ate with a spoon), they were slightly gel-like.  It was fun having them crunchy in the beginning and then as a fun gel-like substance at the end.  I’m a total fan.  And not for nuthin’, but I like the GM better with vanilla protein powder. 

For lunch, I packed up the remainder of the Rosemary Chicken with Zucchini from the other night.

For the record, I think I made a fail with the rosemary.  I didn’t chop up the “twigs” enough.  I bet if I had done that, the flavor would have been a little less strong.  Regardless of my feelings for rosemary, Kelly’s combination of olive oil and mustard is OFF THE HOOK on these veggies.  Seriously.  I can’t believe how simple and delicious this is at the same time.  You guys know I’m all about simplistic, unpretentious food!

Snack time was ah-mazing. 

Mr. KD picked up some oranges at the store the other day and they are just PERFECT.  I love citrus fruit in the nice weather.  I know that oranges are one of the only fruits that is actually tasty AND reasonably priced during the New England winter, but they just don’t excite me in January as they do in April!

And do I really have to talk more about this yogurt?  I HAVE to find the plain, 2% kind.  There will be some added fat and calories, but the sugar will still be low.  I want to give it a try!

Dinner was simply a repeater from the other night.  We had turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash.  Mr. KD announced that these were the best turkey meatballs I’ve ever made.  Score! 

Yes, that is a regurgitated photo, but it looked exactly the same.  Scout’s honor.

I hope you guys have an excellent Thursday evening!!  I’ll chat with you tomorrow, my little Kit Kats :mrgreen:

And, don’t forget to think about becoming a guest blogger!!

Question of the day:  Tell me 5 random facts about yourself.  C’mon, just play!

  1. I have a slight chip in one of my front teeth and the dentist insisted on fixing it one time for me.  I put up a fight and insisted that it made me ME.  It’s still chipped to this day, thankyouverymuch.
  2. I have a very loud and very contagious laugh.  It’d make you laugh too.  I just know it :smile:
  3. I have small feet.  Only wear a size 6!
  4. I love James Dean and get a new calendar of him for my cube every year from “Santa”.
  5. I think Good & Plenty is the worst candy ever made.  This is followed closely by NECCO wafers.  Something tells me only the New England folks will know what those disgusting things are!